Pig-N-Ford Racing: pigs and Ford Model T for the craziest race ever invented

The other day I teach a bathtub with motorcycle engine and I talked about doing drifting pole with cars, and not a Volkswagen in this case. Today we are going to talk about Pig-N-Ford Racing . His name does not leave much room for doubt: is Turning to a circuit with a Ford Model T and a live pig in arms . Yes, discipline is a car there, if only practiced in Tillbrook County Fair in Oregon, United States. And it is a discipline – if you can call it that – with history: Races are held since 1925.

These Model T gutted with a human and a pig as passengers reach 80 km / h.

all it started when a couple of farmers tried to catch a pig that had escaped from the sty with the Ford Model T. It passed so well that at the county fair decided to recreate the event with a motorsport. The rules are: the runners come running from their cars to cages. Of them caught a live pig of about 10 kilos and with him in arms should start his Ford Model T. This Model T is started for crank and is gutted, is a wheeled chassis practically.

Dan around. Stop the engine, pig change and repeat the move . The first to complete three laps on a dirt oval in this manner, is the winner. This competition is a tradition in the state and for many families a real pride: some of the cars that competed in 1925 are the same as today still do. In case you still have desire to continue, we recommend you see the videos that we leave then almost complete career. Does not have any waste.

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