Pininfarina and Iran Khodro are joining forces to design a modular platform

Pininfarina Iran Khodro Dena

When a brand of cars do not have a glorious past many consumers do not have in mind to buy one of their models. In addition, if the country of origin of these marks is beyond the borders of Europe, Japan, the united States and South Korea (the last country that has entered in the club) are discarded for being considered poor or very poor quality.

Iran Khodro is the only manufacturer to local residents who are in the country Persian. The models you have in your portfolio are refried of other brands. Almost all of them are old or have a technology that is already amortized, and disposed of by the firm that assigns its manufacturing rights. The main supplier of models to Iran Khodro has been Renault, although it has also assembled some models of the PSA Group.

This situation is generated by the international sanctions on Iran. Khodro do not have a volume of sales high, because the poverty of the country makes it impossible and more if we talk about export, because they have almost prohibited. However, it seems that things in the country are changing and begin to get new technology to the brand.

Iran Khodro Dena

For this to happen Iran Khodro has signed a collaboration agreement with the study of engineering and design Pininfarina. According to have communicated to the leaders of both companies, the agreement has been closed in 70 million euros and will have a duration of three years. The main point of this wealthy alliance focuses on the design of a new modular platform that will give life to the new models launching to the market the signature of iran.

These models will be produced in the factory, which has in Iran. However, the collaboration of Pininfarina not only will be reduced to the design of this platform. The tasks of the engineering study will also be focused on the design of the models that are developed on the new platform. In addition, will also be on the assembly line to verify the installation and quality of the same, as they are the ones that give the OK final models arriving to the street.

The first model that will hit the street will be of medium size. After him will come three other models of segment and size unknown. It is not surprising that in his new offensive product has some SUV, because it has become the segment of fashion and is where is the current profitability of the sector. Now it remains to be seen if you decide to make the leap into the international markets or for now focus on to meet the demand of your local market.

Source – Iran Khodro