Pininfarina DX3 Concept, ahead of a new compact SUV for China


Anticipates the new compact SUV designed by Pininfarina as an exclusive for China

The Hall of Beijing this year has the honour to re-submit another prototype signed by Pininfarina exclusively for the Chinese market. The Pininfarina DX3 Concept is the work that would soon be the second SUV designed by the coachbuilder Italian that will become a reality thanks to South East Motor (SEM).

As the first SUV the fruit of collaboration between Pininfarina and SHEM, the SEM DX7, it has been a successful sales and reviews in the country, both companies repeated the process with a vehicle of more compact dimensions, as is this DX3. As they announce there will be another “SUV chinese with Italian flair“.


Of with flowing and elegant lines, very Italian, Pininfarina will continue to develop with SEM a group of different cars. The famous Italian company will be commissioned to create for all of them a timeless design, beautiful and sporty through the use of their knowledge and unique skills, while SEM by your side will provide the rest.

The specifications are unknown but will prove to be of great quality for the standards chinese. The DX7 had control of stability, system of prevention of overturning, automatic parking, and other technologies that, according to them, they were height of the security levels estadounidenses.


Since 1996, Pininfarina is the first Italian design house that offers its services to chinese companies. Its portfolio of customers there is extensive because it has worked for AviChina (Hafei), Chery, Changfeng, Brilliance, BAIC and JAC among others. The collaboration with SEM began in 2012 and seeing how well you have gone with the DX7 are intended to broaden and deepen the agreement that kept.