Pininfarina makes us vibrate with two spectacular cars, the H600 and EP7

Pininfarina EP7 Fittipaldi

Pininfarina is a study that never leaves anyone indifferent and in this edition of the Geneva it could not be otherwise, because the Italian study has been presented in the city of switzerland two models, a super sports car with the name of EP7 Fittipaldi and a sedan hybrid super luxury H600, custom built for the company of Hong-Kong, Hybrid Kinetic Group, dedicated to the motorization of vehicles with alternative energies.

Features of the sedan hybrid super luxury H600

híbrido H600
The Italian firm, now in the hands of india’s Mahindra, has created elegant design, pure lines and soft improves the aerodynamics of the car. This new concept has enormous dimensions, more than five meters long and two wide, in addition to 1,800 pounds of weight.

sedan hybrid stands out for its front with LED headlights very fine that open up to an imposing grille ten bar curves. The rear is topped with a luminaire solid red framed in chrome along the top of the trunk lid.

as have the designers of the car, the interior evokes a space of luxury and relaxation, thanks to the combination of materials such as leather, steel and wood.

hybrid created by Pininfarina stands out for having a interior is very spacious and original with a huge touch screen information and entertainment that dominates the center console that is accompanied by a original analog clock. The instrumentation, as could not be otherwise, it is digital and the leather steering wheel has a flat bottom.

interior del híbrido

Under the hood of the super saloon we do not find with electric motors, supplemented by a micro-gas turbine, which offers the driver 800 HP of power, and a top speed of 240 km/h.

Characteristics of the super sports EP7

Pininfarina EP7 Fittipaldi
The EP7 is a super sports car signed by Pininfarina in partnership with the road-racing legend Emerson Fittipaldi, where the ex-pilot becomes a reality the car of your dreams in the combines the best of the Formula Indy and Formula 1.

Built with the support of the German engineering firm HWA, this supercar is mainly made in carbon fiber, the material that forms its chassis monocoque. Thanks to the carbon fiber the sport managed to increase their safety and significantly reduced your weight, which is around 1,000 kilos.

The beastly design created by the engineers from Pininfarina what he shoots, at the rear, a spoiler of carbon fiber, while developing a front in the form of a peak with a large center divider. At the bottom, two LED lamps with the shape of a strip, close off the bottom of the front of this super car.

Two colors make up the available version of EP7, yellow and black, as we can see in the model presented in Geneva by the Italian firm and powerful design accompanied by a motor not less aggressive, a V8 engine kw.

With the appearance of a car of video game, those who may not enjoy the limited-edition model in vivo, it can be done virtual form through PlayStastion4 thanks to the new version of Gran Turismo Sport, where we can choose the EP7 and live the experience of driving this machine, although in virtual form.

In which we have been editing in Geneva, Pininfarina has made us enjoy with two beautiful cars, each one in his style, the first, the H600, it unites in a beautiful body, elegance and class accompanied by a powerful hybrid engine and on the other hand a waste of adrenaline and sensuality in a monster made to enjoy the sensations and fed with a V8 engine.