Pininfarina will be in charge of developing the H600 Hybrid Kynetic


Teaser of the front of the model.

By press release, Pininfarina has confirmed its recent agreement with the company, Hybrid Kinetic Group Limited, with headquarters in Hong Kong. This announcement gives us more data of one of the models that precisely the coachbuilder from Turin has been announcing in the last few weeks, the electric sedan H600.

Up to now, Pininfarina had introduced us a few images of the model by way of teaser, in which we could clearly see the name of the company in Hong Kong, but had just stated that the conceptual model would be presented in its stand at the Geneva motor show, 2017, which starts officially next week.

This company is specialized in electrical propulsion systems and in virtue of this agreement, Pininfarina will be in charge of design and develop its new electric model H600, that bears some relationship to aesthetic with the Cambiano concept, a prototype that Pininfarina presented at Geneva 2012.


the rear of The model.

The prototype parts, presented in 2012 it was just a scale model and had not really train propeller, but their specifications – theoretical – prayed that I could have a hybrid turbine powered by diesel engine and electric motor, with a power above 800 horses and an autonomy of about 500 km.

Currently, the Cambiano concept can be found on the corporate website of Hybrid Kinetic Group Limited, as a sample of electrical platform.

The agreement between Hybrid Kinetic Group Limited and Pininfarina is
valued at 65 million euros, that will be the price of masking by
design and develop the variant of production of the H600, which by the
time we have only seen some bits and pieces, but they display a model
with an aesthetic very close already to the producción.


Dashboard model.

According to the communiqué, the duration of the collaborative agreement shall be 46 months, about 4 years, so we have to wait for the arrival of the final version of the model between 2020 and 2021. Although by the time you really unaware of the nature dle powertrain of the model.