Pininfarina will bring to the Geneva motor show the H600; his first saloon electric

Pininfarina Estudio de Diseño

Pininfarina has gone through his particular way of the cross, until the hindu group Mahindra&Mahindra and the rescued from certain death. At this time the firm has been transformed and has focused on the design of the vehicles that firms of asian origin want to launch in the european markets and american. However has not left side his facet creative and what will show in the next Geneva motor show with the presentation of a new concept.

The vehicle of which we are speaking is a new saloon powered by electricity. The Pininfarina H600, as it will be called this car, has been developed between the own signature and Italian Hybrid Kinetic Group a group hongkonés that is dedicated to the manufacturing of electric vehicles, electrical components for other brands, as well as buses, engines and batteries for all types of vehicle or machinery that will move thanks to the electricity.

Pininfarina H600

For now, the only data we have the Pininfarina H600 is that will be presented formally in the next Auto show Geneva and that will be a vehicle fully conceptual. The signature only has revealed a single image, the one that you have on these lines, and that a priori it looks like a model rather interesting. The format is four-door and traditional judging by your lights, and the chrome frame that hugs and has a very good pint.

This model would fit perfectly with the new strategy industrial Group Mahindra&Mahindra. According to the plans of the giant hindu, their signatures (Mahindra, SsangYong and now Pininfarina) should have several electric vehicles in their ranges in a matter of half a decade. In the case of the first two signatures the plans are already defined, but in the case of Pininfarina we do not yet know which will be his end.

The Italian firm has only made some models in short runs and therefore as the car manufacturer does not have a long experience. Therefore, we wouldn’t be surprised that this new saloon electric end up in the breast of any chinese firm or a hindu to make the competition to Tesla and that they reach. More data on the 7th of march at 11:45 hours in Geneva.

Source – Pininfarina