Pininfarina will design the cars of the manufacturer vietnamese VinFast

The rise of new firms in the automotive sector just does encourage a sector that is already very fragmented with a high number of members). In this case, we may speak of a signature that reaches from the distant Vietnam and is called VinFast. Vingroup is the largest industrial conglomerates in the frame, that engages in activities as diverse as the civil construction or the hospitality industry.

The problem with that are those marks is the lack of knowledge of the public, so it is not strange that, for the development or design of their models have with partners of recognized prestige in the sector. In this case, VinFast has decided to count with the services of the Pininfarina design studio. The choice of this study design has not been by chance, because VinFast conducted a market study in Vietnam where the inhabitants of the country voted orders designers such as Italdesign or Zagato.

despite this, the official confirmation of this association has come by the hand of the Italian study, as it has spread two teasers in which we can see the evolution that they are taking the models that you have commissioned. The first, as it could not be of another way is a every path (of unknown size), and the second a berlina forms with well proportioned and dynamic design.

In both models, the design element that marks his personality is his front, as they have a few optical groups very fine and a grille that seamlessly integrates the ā€œVā€ that forms the logo of the brand. Any way, both models are still in development phase, so VinFast is currently finalising feasibility studies to be two models that will have, initially with a market that is very limited, as it will only be placed on the market in Vietnam.

become a reality, it will be in the year 2019 when they arrive at the market. In any case, both models are part of a strategic plan that pursues the commercialization of several face models to the year 2025. engines that will move to both models are unknown, as well as their trade names or the date will be presented to the public. In any case, the jobs are still in a very early stage, so that if complications arise like do not come to full term.

We are aware of the news which can be derived.

Source ā€“ Pininfarina

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