Pioneers of downsizing: the history of supercharged three-cylinder manufactured by Ferrari

Do you think that the “fashion” supercharge three-cylinder engines is a new thing? You are wrong. Although the general trend is now, many manufacturers take decades fooling around with the concept of downsizing and turbocharging. But if a manufacturer did not expect, was Ferrari. In 1994 they presented an experimental engine called F134 . The special thing about this engine is that it was a supercharged three-cylinder two times per turbocharger. The idea was to get a high specific power.

For years, two-stroke engines have disappeared from the world of four wheels.

And to achieve the highest possible specific power resorted to an curious design of two stroke . The design of two oil burning times while gasoline engine is not good from an environmental point of view, but compresses cycles intake, compression, power and exhaust in just two cycles – admission-compression and explosion-escape – and it generates high specific power . Many motorcycle engines were two old time, and even a few bikes scooter type two-stroke engines used.

engine F134 Ferrari used a design of three-cylinder, two times. The impeller developed 130 hp at 5,000 rpm , from a displacement of 1,346 cubic centimeters. It is not a specific bad power, almost 100 hp / liter. But Ferrari already had specific powers similar to the time production engines four times, without overfeeding. However, it notes that its 100 hp / liter were achieved at a rate of only 5,000 rpm. That itself was impressive.

It should be noted that its 100 hp / liter were achieved at a rate of only 5,000 rpm.

In the late 80s, the Ferrari F40 developed 478 hp from a 2.9 V8 with two turbochargers: we speak of almost 165 hp / liter. Ferrari did not stop there, and decided to produce a second version of the engine. Using a turbocharging, he went on to develop 216 hp , increasing their specific power – at a low engine speed – up to 160.4 hp / liter. There was the idea to produce a utilitarian or motorbike. Ferrari just wanted to experiment with technology rebound and explore the concept of specific power

Several curiosities. In the 50 Ferrari it produced a 2.5 liter engine and two cylinders – yes, two – for Bizarrini since the early nineties – specifically in 1992 – was a Formula 1 engine of a cylinder. Yes, a 290 cc single cylinder that was used to test several pieces of whole engines Formula 1 . This little engine managed the tremendous power of 60 hp, equivalent to almost 207 hp / liter. Now is when we imagine a Fiat Cinquecento Sporting with F134 . [1.99901 million]
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