Pirelli already receives reliable predictions of the aerodynamic load for 2017


Recently, Toto Wolff warned of the differences between the data that the equipment provided to Pirelli on the levels that were expected of downforce, resulting in lap times that could differ in four or five seconds depending on the computer.

But Pirelli has confirmed to Motorsport that as we approach the end of the season, the teams begin to converge on the data and now there are no differences of more than two seconds.

So confirmed Mario Isola, Technical Director of Pirelli, which recognizes that “it is true that the first time that we receive the predictions there was a big difference between the teams”, explaining that “with their simulations, we prepare a tire model that we supply to the equipment. The work continued and the teams gave us another prediction. Now we are seeing that we are at levels more similar between the teams, so now it is much more accurate”.

Isola thinks that currently, yes, they can work with reliable predictions on which to build, especially taking into account that the cars that have been modified with those that are testing prototype tires on the track, shed load levels much lower than expected in 2017. “I Think there is a good estimate if we take into account the performance expected in early 2017. We also received an estimate for the end of 2017. Of course, there is that to consider the rate of development of a year with a completely new car. Therefore, to the end of 2017 there is more difference”.

so far, only Mercedes, Red Bull and Ferrari are taking part in the evolution of new tires, but in the test collective, scheduled after the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi, the rest will join the process. “In the simulations that we are receiving at this time, the variability is still more than a second. But we believe that one or two seconds of difference is a good estimate, we are not to five or six seconds of distance”.