Pirelli and teams need a plan of action for 2017


Pirelli will remain in F1 between 2017 and 2019. A renewal that is not a coincidence, and that attends to the need for a supplier of tyres who understands the real needs of the championship, in large measure, by living it from within in the last few years. In 2017 will come into force a new technical regulation and one of the key points will be the use of wider tires. To develop these tires, Pirelli and the teams, F1 needs to have a plan of action for pilots and technicians get a communication and collaboration seamless. The objective is clear, tires three seconds faster.

Is time to sit down and have a dialogue, according to Toto Wolff: “It’s a challenge hard that the product fits well for everybody. We must to speak and agree on the specification of the tyre on the basis of our learning curve”. The head of Mercedes understands that is the way to go in the next few months: “it Is very good to know with so much anticipation as to who will be the supplier of tires. Now we have to develop the rules for 2017, making cars faster and the tire will play a crucial role in this. There is that to take full advantage of the long time that we’ve been together.”


despite this, Wolff is aware that the role of supplier of
tires tends to be linked to the harsh criticism, what is more
important if it is to be that Pirelli is in communion with the teams: I Think
that as a supplier of tires you can only get bad things
If you manufacture a tire that is spectacular and falls on his performance, the
pilot is going to complain about losing performance, so fast. If you do a
tire very hard and strong, you run the risk of seeing as in Le Mans,
three relay without changing tires.”

Meanwhile, Pirelli is aware of the challenge that is
. New tires front and rear you will gain in width and
should result in a noticeable improvement of performance. So wait
Paul Hembery: “Having wider tires means having a greater
impact, so that you will get more performance. There are work
simulation for computers to be able to extract all the performance
possible of the wheels. we May find two or three seconds with the
new tyres
. Based on that, modify the aerodynamics and
perhaps the settings of the engine to get the five seconds
we try to get”.

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