Pirelli clarifies the regulation of tyres for the season 2016


Photo: Pirelli

In the announcement of the FIA after the Council of the Motor in publicizing the changes in the regulations of Formula 1 for the season 2016, the section of the tyres left a lot of doubts. So many, that the brand Pirelli has been forced to clarify all the points of your new regulation in order to understand it better. Romain Grosjean has made it clear that he ends to understand it, with the following message on his Twitter account: “Until now, the new regulation of tyres is not clear to me. I’m glad to have an engineer that can help me to understand it”. Although the tweet from the French has been published after the clarification of Pirelli, we do not know if he did not understand the first explanation that he gave on Wednesday, the Italian firm or does not understand the new explanation that we present below:

New regulation

The new rules will only apply to the dry tires. The rules relating to the rain tires, intermediate and extreme wet are kept without changes. With the introduction of new composite ultrablando (which carries the strip of purple) the total number of dry tyres smooth rises to five (ultrablando, superblando, soft, medium, hard).


In accordance with the FIA, Pirelli will decide in advance what three compounds can be used every weekend of the grand prix, and communicated to the teams. The total number of games that can be used throughout the weekend (free practice, qualifying and race) remains the same as that currently: 13.

Pirelli select two games of tyres required for each car. On the other hand, a game from the compound more soft will have to be saved for use only in Q3. The two games mandatory chosen by Pirelli can be of two different compounds of the three that have been chosen for the weekend. This choice, obviously, will be the same for all the teams.

ten games remaining can be chosen for each team, within the three options that gives Pirelli for every grand prix. The teams will make their elections within a deadline set by Pirelli. Shall communicate its decisions to the FIA, who in turn will tell Pirelli how many tires should manufacture of each. The options for each car are kept secret until two weeks before the race. If a team does not comply with the deadline, the election will be conducted by the FIA.

The decisions taken by each team may vary for each of his two cars: each driver can have a different mapping. The tires are distinguished by different colored markings on the side walls, as is currently the case.


The teams will have to return the tires according to a schedule determined, but may decide to what tires to be returned at the following times:

– A game after the first 40 minutes of the first free practice (FP1).

– A game at the end of the first free practice (FP1).

– Two games at the end of the second free practice session (FP2).

– Two games at the end of the third free practice (FP3).

The two games mandatory appointed by Pirelli no can be returned during the free practice sessions and must be available for use in the race. At least one of these two games must be used during the race, but will be the teams to decide how.

On the day of classification, for the first ten, that is to say, they get to move on to Q3, it will be obligatory to return the tire of Q3 (that will be the most soft, chosen by Pirelli), and start the race with the compound with which they have achieved the best time in Q2 (as currently occurs).

For all others, the compound kept to Q3 and not have used by getting eliminated in Q1 or Q2, will be available for the race.