Pirelli concludes each test passed by water in Barcelona


Pirelli completed two days of tests at the Catalan circuit of Montmelo, as part of the program of preparation for the new regulations from 2017, in which it will be introduced wider tires.

None of the two days has been too productive for Pirelli, as the rain and the cold temperatures have been limited largely to the shooting of the Mercedes modified, which was driven by Nico Rosberg on the first day and by Pascal Wehrlein in the second.

in this respect, Paul Hembery commented that “obviously the weather hurt our progress over the two days, although it is not at all unexpected at this time in Europe. The same can be applied to the first part of next year, which is why we are in favour of some tests in which there is a guarantee of warm weather in 2017, before the season starts”.

The next test will be in Abu Dhabi at the end of the month, and Red Bull will be the team that collaborates with Pirelli to continue with the development of the tires.

Test Pirelli 2017 Ferrari Red Bull Mercedes
Fiorano (01/08/2016) Vettel (360 km)
Fiorano (02/08/2016) Gutiérrez (495 km)
Mugello (03/08/2016) Buemi (430 km)
Mugello (04/08/2016) Buemi (483 km)
Montmeló (06/09/2016) Räikkönen (517 km)
Paul Ricard (06/09/2016) Wehrlein (785 km)
Montmeló (07/09/2016) Vettel (726 km)
Paul Ricard (07/09/2016) Wehrlein (522 km)
Paul Ricard (08/09/2016) Wehrlein (370 km)
Paul Ricard (21/09/2016) Wehrlein (791 km)
Paul Ricard (22/09/2016) Wehrlein (791 km)
Montmeló (12/10/2016) Rosberg (278 km)
Montmeló (13/10/2016) Wehrlein (144 km)
TOTAL 2.098 km 913 km 3.681 km