Pirelli confirms its program of tests of tires 2017


A day after news that Ferrari would be the first team to perform the tests with the new tyres, 2017, Pirelli has announced its full program of testing for this year, with all the dates, teams, circuits and types of tires to be used in each one.

As was previously agreed, Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes will be the three teams to carry out these tests in the next three months. Each one will have 3 tests individual, one of them with tires for wet conditions, along 7 days of tests, followed by a final testing validation in Abu Dhabi on the 29th of November, after the Grand Prix.

After the test Fiorano from the beginning of August, which will take place with wet tyres, Ferrari will test the rubbers smooth on Montmeló in September, and in Abu Dhabi two weeks before the final exam. Red Bull will test on two occasions, in the circuit emiratí, one in dry to mid-October, and another in the wet at the beginning of November, after making his first test in Mugello, two days after the Ferrari. Mercedes, for its part, does not step on Yas Marina in its test individuals: will make two visits to Paul Ricard in September and will culminate in Montmeló in October.

The participating teams will test with cars modified to to simulate the conditions of 2017 of greater width, larger tyres and higher levels of aerodynamics, and will be obliged to share all of the information collected with the rest of the teams

1-2 August Fiorano Ferrari Wet
3-4 August Mugello Red Bull Dry
6-7 September Montmeló Ferrari Dry
6-8 September Paul Ricard Mercedes Dry
21-22 September Paul Ricard Mercedes Wet
12-13 October Montmeló Mercedes Dry
14-16 October Abu Dhabi Red Bull Dry
2-3 November Abu Dhabi Red Bull Wet
14-16 November Abu Dhabi Ferrari Dry
29 November Abu Dhabi Fer/RBR/Mer final Test