Pirelli delays the work on the design of the cars 2017


One of the more radical changes that will face the teams of Formula 1 with the new regulations in 2017 lies in the increased width of the tires: 245 to 305 millimeters on the front wheels, and from 325 to 405 millimeters at the rear wheels, which will have a significant impact on the functioning of the aerodynamics and the mechanical grip of the car. However, there is an obstacle that has prevented the teams have begun to perform tests with the tyres in their wind tunnels: the contract Pirelli with the FIA.

The final agreement between the brand of tires Italian and the regulator of the sport, covering the period between 2017 and 2019, has not yet been signed, due to the claim of Pirelli that has a program of testing in conditions in the coming year, and the possibility agreed, but not finalized, and, using a chassis with V8 engine for these tests.

All of this, added to the doubts about the new regulation, whose final approval is pending, makes Pirelli prefer to have them all with you prior to delivering the first batch of tyres of a wind tunnel, scaled up to be tested effectively with the reduced models of the cars. The teams, therefore, can only do virtual simulations with the technology of fluid dynamics, whose effectiveness is limited.


The Motorsport director of Pirelli, Paul Hembery, has declared to have the tires “available. We are finalizing the details of contracts with FIA, and after that you have to do it with computers. We also need to confirm that the rules end”. with Respect to the model of car that will be used for a preliminary work on the tyres, Hembery ensures: “We are close to getting a car. Also hwe have had clear assurances that it will be 12 days of test, we hope that with a couple of cars and a maximum of three”.

“The ideal would be to do some conceptual work in a (car) V8 engine of the previous generation. In terms of compounds and structures, we are changing concepts, what you can do initially using a V8 as a mirror before mounting it on a hybrid version of 2017”.