Pirelli explains it: the problem of Vettel in Silverstone was a prick slow


The official supplier of tyres to the Formula 1 asserts that has found the trigger of the failure on the tires the German pilot of Scuderia Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel. Two laps from the end of the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the soft compound tyre to the four-time champion was destroyed in a few turns, ruining the options of the current leader of the world get closer to the british in their fight for the championship.

From Pirelli ensure that all was due to a puncture, slow, which ended up by annihilating the tire left front after its passage through the lane pit-lane. Vettel ended up falling up to the seventh position, and in these moments only leads Lewis Hamilton by a point in this particular fight.

“As it became clear Sunday afternoon, a full investigation confirmed now that the cause that originated the failed was a prick slow. The consequent return to the pit in a low-pressure tire that ended up deflated resulted in the final judgment”

however, the italians have not found by now, the cause of the problem on the same tire that struck his team-mate, Kimi Räikkönen. Rely on that the tests that continue to carry out in the compound to provide light on the subject and all will be clarified.

“The damaged tire of Kimi Räikkönen samples less evidence of what happened, so we are still conducting more tests and analysis in the laboratories, and the internal facilities of Pirelli. To reach a definitive conclusion will take a few days more in this case”