Pirelli has compounds of booking high degradation for 2017


If something has characterized Pirelli as sole supplier of tyres for Formula 1 has been the design of compounds according to the requests and needs of the FIA, although that is sometimes played against the image of the brand. Face-to-2017, with a large change in the technical regulation and, therefore, in the design of the cars, the trend has not changed, and the manufacturer of Italian origin has created compounds wider and with less degradation with the objective of allowing the drivers to push harder and for more time.

all in all, Mario Isola has confirmed that Pirelli has created a range of compounds reserve for the season 2017 that are designed under the same pattern of high degradation that has been used in recent years. In this way, there is a second range of tyres that have a construction with criteria “more traditional” and which as we have seen in previous products, they would have a high degradation were required, as they are designed to offer a faster heating, a trend that also would be compounded by high levels of downforce which will generate the single-seaters this season.

In this aspect, Mario Isola has been explained in ‘Motorsport.com’ the methodology that he has used his brand of face-to-2017: we Decided to start the season with a composed, completely new, with a new philosophy that is in line with what is required, and less degradation. We did our tires from the level of performance seen in the simulations. If for any reason you do not reach that level of performance, and there is less energy in the tire, we will return to the tires with a philosophy more classic. We have these compounds to replace the tires of base, but we would have to be an agreement between the teams and the FIA to do this. we have No intention of using them at the moment“.