Pirelli has found the way, how will Alonso what he wants?


Pirelli seems to have found the way to get a few tires that allow riders to ride at my maximum during the race in 2017. That has been the request of the current grill of Formula 1 for a long time, tired as they are of having to keep constantly and not being able to squeeze the tires and attack the opponents directly on track without having to resort to the strategies in the pits. One of the pilots who have most insisted on this is Fernando Alonso, which has stated that if things don’t change in that sense, will leave Formula 1 at the end of the season 2017.

Start worrying

But the beginnings were not so auspicious, as published by the BBC. Both Sebastian Vettel as Sebastien Buemi were disappointed with the new tires in the first tests at Fiorano and Mugello, because they provided the same sensations that the current. But in the first test carried out by Ferrari in Montmeló, Sebastian Vettel told Pirelli that had a tire, in particular, that he had liked. According to Pirelli, belonged to the range of soft and was the same as Pierre Gasly proved in Abu Dhabi this month with Red Bull.

Christian Horner commented on such a test is that “it was a test very successful, the car rolled over three days, and it definitely seems like a good step forward to face the next year in terms of grip, durability and to provide riders an appropriate return”. In this test, Pirelli also found a tire of the range of media that had a similar behavior, confirming therefore that the Italian brand has found the way that was looking for to provide drivers with tyres that can compete at 100% in 2017.

In any case, Mario Isola, Sports Director of Pirelli, says that they feel that they are in the “right path with the compounds and the technology, although we still have much work ahead”. And there is one main concern: the cars adapted by Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull fall short to generate downforce.

While the FIA predicts a 31% increase of the load in 2017 with respect to this season, the cars used do not exceed 10% of increase, something that cuadraría with the time got by Vettel at the test in Montmeló, which is only worth to be classified in the lower part of the grille of the Grand Prix of Spain this year. In any case, the cars modified are much heavier than those that will be used in 2017, in addition to using the engine deflated to avoid stops due to lack of reliability.

The FIA trace the key points

As it happened when Pirelli agreed to become sole supplier of the Formula 1, the FIA has drawn the lines key about how it must be the tires of 2017. In a letter sent to Pirelli, the FIA indicates that the degradation should be proportional to the performance. The less grip it offers, the more you should take in to lose speed. In addition, when a car following another, the tires should not lose performance until a point in which it cannot be recovered.


The test of Abu Dhabi is delayed

Pirelli had scheduled the next test of tyres 2017 in Abu Dhabi on 14, 15 and 16, but has decided to delay by a day his start and now will finish the day 17 of November, thus allowing more preparation time since the Brazilian Grand Prix. The said test will the Ferrari team, although still not known with what pilots.