Pirelli is looking for more versatility, but less degradation in 2017


The season
2017 will bring multiple changes to the Formula 1, both at the level of
design of the cars, and the tyres, that will grow and
will change her way of behaving.
in this respect, Paul Hembery, maximum
responsible of Pirelli Motorsport, has explained in an interview
granted to the official website of the Formula 1, as you want it to be
the new tires, as well as other aspects of their development and
the future we want to draw the Italian brand in F1.

The key points of the
tires 2017

“We will have lots of
less degradation in 2017 and the gums will have a window of
work more comprehensive. And yes, that will eliminate
some strategy, or at least part of the range
. Having
that said, I still look no degradation! What
we’ll sure are fast cars. We expect it to be between three and
four seconds faster, a substantial improvement. This means
the tires will work hard and this will cause degradation,
so there will still be quite a strategy”.

2017, a year of learning

In 2017 there will be a great reset and it is likely that we have
to re-modify the compounds to 2018
. The idea of having
tyres soft on most surfaces smooth is good, though
probably not for tracks like Austria, because there the situation
it is more compromised”.

The pre-season winter

“In principle, the compounds of the test
(winter) will be the
final, but if there are surprises, we will have to react.
Probably not for the first race, but if we have a
good winter, we should know how it’s going to go around and changes
necessary, in case you need them. we would Prefer to go to sites like
Bahrain or Abu Dhabi. The temperatures will be more representative, and more
we know the circuits very well
. Definitely, you would want to go to
those tracks”.

Pirelli began in Silverstone his development for next season and already have a calendar scheduled to present the new tires to all the teams in the preseason winter, after the end of the championship 2016.