Pirelli makes balance of the first test for 2017


The first track tests ahead of the season 2017 have already been produced for Pirelli, which has tested the wet tyres with Ferrari at its Fiorano race track and dry with Red Bull in Mugello.

Both teams have adapted their cars for the season 2015, to simulate the loads aerodynamic that will occur in the coming year, moment in which it enters into force a policy change and radical where expected cars between four and five seconds per lap faster than the current.

Pirelli Motorsport has before it a challenge to uppercase: create the
tires of 2017 with cars not originally designed for
to generate load levels that will be next season.
This complicates very much the work of development, because they do about
hypothesis, as not even the teams have a clear sense of what levels
will be achieved
with a regulation that changes things.
The cars are still in the design phase, and all work on

Paul Hembery, head of Pirelli Motorsport,
shows content with having been able to start finally working in the
track, something that had long been wanting to do, as he has declared to Autosport.

“We are happy because finally we can comment to work
with the new tire more width for the next season.
Obviously, there is much work to be done and we have only begun with
the work of filtration of the various aspects of the tire. Is
only the first step of many that we need to give

After the first tests, in which they have used cars
prepared by Ferrari and Red Bull, Paul Hembery is fixed as
main task is to determine if these cars are reliable to the
when establishing a comparison with what you’ll see in 2017
Both teams have used the basis of 2015, to which you have added
flaps on the sides of the soil to increase the load
aerodynamics, as well as small appendages and modifications in the
spoilers and diffuser.

“The great challenge now is to try to understand the car and how
close-up is in terms of downforce compared to what
we will see in the coming year. This has a great impact on the way
in working the tires, so let’s do an analysis
when we come back (to the factory) to understand how close we are
or how much we are losing compared with the coming year
We need to see all of the data to see where we are in relation
the work of simulation with which we have been working on.”

“The car does not have the appearance of what is going to be the year that
comes, that’s the issue. It is a hybrid of a hybrid, the
the counterpoint is that we need to make sure that we are working
with something iconic, and that’s why we are analyzing
, is a
a crucial aspect of our work.”

Sebastian Vettel, Esteban Gutierrez and Sebastien Buemi have been
the first three pilots in participating in these tests, something that
Hembery appreciated.

Has been good and have given us some ideas on what
we need to work and where to expect us
. We are happy
for having begun to work physically with the new tire,
but it is not likely that it would unite all (specification end of the
tire) until the people see next year in February
(during the pre-season test, already with the cars new)“.