Pirelli presents its statistics for the season 2016 Formula 1


Max Verstappen is the pilot who more overtaking has been done on a season in which Fernando Alonso has been the most positions gained in the first lap and in which we have used a total of 15.652 tires. These and other statistics summary season 2016 Formula 1 from the perspective of Pirelli:


  • total Number of tyres supplied in 2016: 42.792.
  • Of them, 38.1112 were supplied in Great Prizes and 4.680 in test.
  • 28.188 were smooth tyres and 14.604 of rain is extreme or intermediate.
  • Were used 15.652 tires for the Big Prizes, 13.844 smooth and 1,808 of rain is extreme or intermediate.
  • All the tyres supplied were recycled.

The pilots that most kilometres completed with each of the compounds were:

  • Hard: 759 kilometers – Daniel Ricciardo.
  • Medium: 3.597 km – Valtteri Bottas.
  • Soft: 6.566 km – Sergio Perez.
  • Superblando: 4.598 km – Valtteri Bottas.
  • Ultrablando: 2.052 km – Nico Rosberg.
  • Intermediate: 444 km – Jenson Button.
  • Ends: 523 kilometers – Lewis Hamilton.


  • total Number of pit-stops: 933, four of which were drive-through and 1 stop & go.
  • , The average was 44, 4 per race and up 2.01 per driver and race.
  • The Chinese Grand Prix was the event with more pit-stops: 66.
  • The Russian Grand Prix was the event with less pit-stops: 26.


  • The total number of overtaking manoeuvres during the season is of 866, with an average of 41.2 per race.
  • The highest number of overtaking manoeuvres in a race on dry is 128 in China. In the wet is 64 in Brazil.
  • The smaller number of overtaking in a dry race occurred in Hungary with 10 maneuvers.
  • The pilot more overtaking manoeuvres carried out during the season was Max Verstappen with 78.
  • The pilot more overtaking manoeuvres performed in a race was Lewis Hamilton with 18 in China.
  • The pilot that less overtaking has suffered is Sebastian Vettel, with a one-time (Verstappen in Brazil).
  • The pilot that most positions won in the first round was Fernando Alonso with 41.
  • The team that best overtaking moves completed was Red Bull 136 (61 of Ricciardo, 60 of Verstappen and 15, Kvyat).
  • The team that less time was advance is Mercedes with seven times (Rosberg’s four, Hamilton three).

* (Calculation is carried out without accounting for the first turn or manoeuvre as a result of breakdowns or voice-overs).

Circuits and competition

  • longest Race of the season: Brazil with three hours, one minute and 1.3 seconds.
  • Stroke short of the season: Italy with a hour, 17 minutes and 28,9 seconds.
  • fastest run of the season: Italy, with an average of 237,558 kilometers per hour to charge from Nico Rosberg.
  • tip Speed highest recorded: Valtteri Bottas in Mexico with 372,5 kilometers per hour.
  • Highest number of fastest laps: Lewis Hamilton with 15 (3 in the race and 12th in qualifying).
  • Highest number of laps led: 566 by part of Lewis Hamilton.

Test development tyres 2017

  • Number of prototypes tested: 96.
  • Increase the width of the tires: 25%.
  • Teams: Mercedes, Red Bull, Ferrari.
  • Drivers involved: 11.
  • test Days: 24.
  • Laps completed: 2.613.
  • Kilometers: 12.148 km.
  • Circuits used: Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Fiorano, Mugello, Paul Ricard.

Ranking of kilometres travelled by pilot:

  • Pascal Wehrlein (Mercedes): 3.248.
  • Pierre Gasly (Red Bull): 2.494.
  • Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): 2,228.
  • Sébastien Buemi (Red Bull): 1.190.
  • Kimi Räikkönen (Ferrari): 1.054.
  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull): 517.
  • Esteban Gutierrez (Ferrari): 480.
  • Antonio Fuoco (Ferrari): 478.
  • Nico Rosberg (Mercedes): 209.
  • Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull): 200.
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 50.