Pirelli presents the tires 2017


The Formula 1
will face next season is a profound change in regulatory
that will modify the current concept of the cars. One of the
key points will be the new tires, which grow and must be
to withstand loads much higher
, as a consequence of the increase
drastic downforce of the cars.

For 2017, the
front tyre will grow from 24,5 centimetres to
30,5, by increasing its width to 6 inches (25% more).
In regards to the rear, the gain will be 8 centimeters,
reaching up to 40.5 (30% more). The diameter will be similar, with
a slight increase from 660 to 670 millimeters (the same as the diameter
the wheels of rain today). The wheel will remain in a
unchanged 13-inch.

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