Pirelli test in Abu Dhabi, the rubber ultrablanda


A new compound is close to reaching F1. Thanks to the agreement reached during the World Council of the Motor of the FIA, Pirelli has announced a test in Abu Dhabi with the purpose of testing the rubber ultrablanda, which eventually will be identified with a purple color. The test will take place on the 1st of December, after the Grand Prize and will be used to evaluate the new tyre under different conditions. The test will have a duration of 12 hours uninterrupted from 9 in the morning until 9 in the evening, taking advantage of the artificial lighting of the track.

In the weeks prior to your renewal until 2019, Pirelli had requested more test and it seems that your request has been accepted. As is logical, this test in the layout of Yas Marina is limited by some constraints. The manufacturer from milan has asked the teams to try to get into their cars to drivers or owners of reserve, but dismissed the option of testing young drivers without experience. As it is logical, during this test focused only on the compound ultrablando Pirelli, will not be allowed to test other components, or parts. Each team will have a car.

in Addition to the relevant tests of the tire ultrablando, also evaluated other compounds slicks of new construction of face-to-2016. Pirelli will designate the testing program of each team and car without the tyres used figure in the total number of tires assigned to the test in 2015, so that each training will test different tires throughout the day at Yas Marina. With this test, Pirelli ensures to accumulate the miles necessary experience to include the compound in purple in the range, P Zero in the face of next season’s F1 World.