Pirelli tyres for the first three races of 2016


Photo: Pirelli

season 2016 still it is far away. There are still two months until the start of the test of winter and three months for the first few races, but Pirelli has not wanted to wait, and has already unveiled the compounds chosen for the grand prizes that will open up the next championship. As reflected by the regulation of the following year, the teams will have at their disposal three compounds chosen by the Italian firm in accordance with the FIA. For Australia, Bahrain and China, the first three races, Pirelli will bring the tires superblandos, with the strip of color red, soft, with the yellow strip, and media, white.

tires that must be used by all riders at some point of the race cars have to be:
A set of medium tyres.
Or a set of soft tyres.

Of the 13 games that will take each rider during the weekend, you must have one of medium and one soft available for the race, of which you must use at least one.

in Addition, the compound chosen for Q3 is the superblando. Following the regulation from 2016, each pilot must save for Q3, a game made more soft. That game will be returned to Pirelli at the end of Q3 to which they have participated in that session (the first ten classified) and will be saved for the race by the other riders (eliminated in Q1 and Q2). The teams are free to choose the rest of the remaining games up to 13 total for the weekend.

The soft and the hard were the compounds chosen for the Grand Prix of Australia, Bahrain and China in 2015, and to them is attached to the superblando. If the new rules of tyre, was not at all clear, we recall our article clarifying the rules of Pirelli. There are eager since the start of the championship.