Pirelli will not create an eighth dry tyre for the season 2019


The supplier of tyres to the official Formula 1, Pirelli, has emphasized that for the season 2019 not create an eighth compound. In this 2017, the italians increased their range dry tires from five to seven, to incorporate in their offer the superhard and the hiperblando. The debut of the rubber more soft made on the Monaco GP, while the superhard is treated as a reserve, so that in 2018 there are expected to his presence on the tracks.

director deporitvo Pirelli Mario Isola, has explained that the milanese brand is thinking of minor changes on their covers after studying their behavior in the pre-season test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, and in the Grand Prix of Australia. The head of Pirelli has revealed that they need more data for a greater understanding.

“I Think that this year we have a good range of tyres. Some say they are too many but we decided to do the superhard as support, so now we have a window of six compounds. Obviously we have to test them, to understand them for the next few races in the Formula 1, and understand that for next year we don’t need more compounds, but to adapt some of them.”, has appeared.

The boss Italian sets the priority in shaping the tyres already existing if the need exists, rather than create a new one. Put a greater distance between the soft, superblando and the ultrablando is one of the points to be treated. “The gums soft, superblandas and ultrablandas are fairly close, while that between the medium and the soft there is a distance and between the ultrablando and the hiperblando there is also a good step. Maybe we need to have a distance of more notable among the soft, superblando and the ultrablando. That means that for the next year we will design compounds to reach this goal, but we will not increase the number”.