Pirelli will seek to facilitate overtaking in 2017


One of the main objectives of Pirelli with their new tires for the season 2017 Formula 1 is to improve the spectacle offering a lot more mechanical grip and more consistency in the operation of the tire.

Paul Hembery, speaking to ESPN, explains that the intention is to improve considerably the lap times. To do this, it was agreed to build a tire more width, that in addition to offering an aesthetic much more aggressive, it increases considerably the mechanical grip available.

“The downforce is increased significantly.
performance requirements are to improve five seconds with respect to
the lap times of 2015
. In reality, having seen a
improvement of two seconds already this year, the next year is very likely
there is a substantial improvement in times.”

“simulations initial that we have suggest that will improve
with ease. Of course, we’re not going to see the actual car until
the pre-season test of the year that comes. The change is huge,
increasing the width of the tire front and rear at six and
eight centimeters respectively
, is looking good. Makes the car
seem to be the most aggressive.”

Hembery says one of the most important changes in the structure of the tire is concerned. Pirelli seeks a greater tolerance to overheating to allow pilots to suffer the least when you roll with a car in front.

“The intention is to make it easier for the teams
overtaking: if you are following another car, we want to make sure
the tires do not reach the peak of temperature that has
prevented the pilots to move on in some occasions. Of course,
this will only work if you also reduce the impact of the
aerodynamics of a car with respect to another
. It is assumed that we will improve
in the aerodynamics. I would not say that there is an opinion universal on

Finally, Hembery addresses one of the outstanding issues to resolve in the face of preseason 2017. The Italian brand looking to do a test in Bahrain in order to test the new tires in hot conditions, much more representative of what will be the season. But teams are hesitant because it entails an increase of the cost of performing these tests.

“From the point of view of the manufacturer of tires, it would be
best to try somewhere warm during that period of time
(the preseason). In recent years, we have gone to Bahrain, us
allowed to have a clear indication of the performance of the tire much
. I understand that the teams believe that it has an additional cost
to do so, but it is a sport that has a multi-million dollar expense. If the
intention exists, I am sure that the funding can be

“A session in Bahrain would be a big step, so we could
to know where we will be during the season. Would not affect what
we would do in Australia (the first race), but it would mean that
, we could start working before if it is necessary to make changes”.