Pirelli will use the new tire ultrablando in a test after the GP of Abu Dhabi

Neumático ultrablando de PIrelliPirelli was undecided for the colors that will give the new tire ultrablando that will be used next season. Through her Twitter account, launched a small survey among the fans to chose between the silver color and the purple (violet), earning the purple by a landslide (85% of the votes). So this will be the new color that will be the tires ultrablandos for the F1 season 2016.

Pirelli has not only introduced a new compound tire softer than those seen so far, also has changed the construction of all compounds of dry that will be used during the next season. That’s why there are so many things to test and have agreed with the FIA to perform a test after the GP of Abu Dhabi that will close out the season 2015 of Formula 1.

Neumáticos Pirelli para F1The test will last for 12 hours and will start on Tuesday, December 1 at 9:00 local time, taking advantage that the F1 cars are in this circuit, where each team will be invited to test the new tires in order to obtain data of which can be found the next year. In addition, although it is prohibited to test new components for next year, is certain that the teams will use this to get some data of a form “hidden” for 2016.

Pirelli has put conditions to the equipment, and it is to bring the pilots or owners to the test, but not to ride to new riders that come from other categories and want to test as it is normal in this kind of test at the end of the season. The reason is that the feedback of these by your experience and by already knowing the current tires, providing valuable data for the development of the wheels for 2016.