Place your bets, will you have this aspect next Audi A5?

is not the first time we imagined and the appearance of the Audi A5 next few weeks ago we had watermarks to recreate, now is the turn of a classic in this the previous imagery and recreations, Theophilus Chin and this is their proposal on the design of the next Audi A5 .

Currently the Audi A5 coupe has a starting price of 39,430 euros

classic features and known conservatives on the front lines we come however in the recreation of Tehophilus Chin with a particular bet for subsequent optical, taillights few remaining united in a nice proposal that we have seen previously in conceptual models of the brand.

Beyond its appearance …

The latest rumors about the arrival of this upcoming Audi A5 have been commissioned to bring to this new Audi A5 will be with us next year , probably followed a few months later by the convertible variant, leaving therebetween with the big question of whether or not we will see a new Audi A5 Sportback .

is easy to imagine their appearance under all the technical framework coupe known in the Audi A4 in regard to platform and mechanical range, noting that currently the new A4 has mentioned three petrol engines TFS I and four alternative diesel with a range of powers ranging from 150 to 272 horses .

For more on the new generation of Audi A4

You can learn more from the new generation of the Audi A4 in the article “Audi A4 2015 : The same as always, better than ever. The 8 keys to the new generation of Audi A4 “.


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