Plan MOVEA, everything there is to know about the new aids

Nissan LEAFare Already contained in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) all the details of the new Plan MOVEA, the Plan to drive the Mobility Vehicles of Alternative Energy. It is a series of aid for the purchase of vehicles powered by alternative energies. The total budget is 16.6 million euros, and can benefit from the funds the electric vehicles and gas. Also there is a game dedicated to the installation of charging points.

Any person, firm or entity may invoke the aid of the Plan MOVEA, with the exception of dealers, who will not receive the subsidies by making automatriculaciones. The aid will be available until 15 October 2016, if you might well end up before if you come out short on the funds for the Plan MOVEA.

How is distributed the budget Plan MOVEA?

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Hose specific refuelling LPG

Within the 16.6 million euros available to the Plan MOVEA, there are a number of items, each with a particular purpose. 13.3 million euros for the electric vehicles, while the 3.3 million remaining aim to subsidize the various types of gas vehicles.

Within the electrical, passenger cars (M1), quad light (L6e) and heavy (L7e) take the largest share with € 4.5 million.Buses (M2 and M3) as well as vans and trucks (N1, N2, N3) represents $ 3.8 million. Electric motorcycles receive 300,000 euro for 200,000 of the bicycle pedal assist. Vehicles powered by Natural Gas have a budget of 2 million euros, compared to 1.3 million the powered by LPG.

A million euros will be spent on the installation of charging points fast, while the charging semirrápida will be able to benefit from up to 3.5 million in aid. May 1, 2016 the remnants of any category may be designated to other.

Amount of the aid Plan MOVEA

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

amount of aid depends on the type of vehicle and its characteristics. Within the vehicles that are powered by electricity that we find the electric, plug-in hybrids and electric extended range of the category of passenger Cars M1. Aid by the state are 2,700 euros with a range of between 15 and 40 km, up to 3,700 between 40 and 90 km and 5,300 euros for more than 90 kilometres. The dealer will work with 1.000 euros extra for the installation of a charging point. The maximum price, before taxes, to qualify for aid is 32,000 euros.

For M1 vehicles LPG subsidies can be 1,100 (vehicle up to 10,000 euros) or 2,500 (up to 25,000 euros), with € 1,000 to be added by the dealers. The Natural Gas will receive an aid of € 2,500, with a maximum value of 25,000 euros, also with 1.000 euros extra for part of the point-of-sale.

La Iveco Daily estrena versión 100% eléctrica vans and trucks of category N1 benefit of 8,000 euros in aid over 1,000 from the dealer to the point of loading if they have more than 60 kilometres of autonomy. For vehicles with LPG the aid of the government will be 2,000 or 3,000 euros depending on if your MMTA is lower or higher than 2,500 kg. With the same limitations are classified of Natural Gas, although aids are 2,500 and 5,500 euros. Also you will have to add to the N1 gas (1000 euros) from the dealer.

For the categories M2 and N2, the electric with more than 60 km of autonomy, benefit from 8,000 euros (more help at the point of recharge). For gas assistance is 10,000 by the state and 1,000 by the dealer. The N3 and M3 extend the state aid up to 20,000 euros in the electric and also the gas if the MMTA is greater than 18,000 pounds.

The quad light and heavy have some aid of 1,950 and 2.350 euros, respectively, with 150 additional to the loading point. Electric motorcycles with more than 70 km of autonomy have the support of 1,500 or 2,000 euros on the basis of their batteries, with a maximum purchase price of 8,000 euros. electric bikes have a help of 200 euros on the part of the Government. For recharging points, the help is of 15,000 euros if you are fast, and 2,000 if you are semirrápidos.

it is Not necessary to achatarrar

Aparcamiento gratisOne of the advantages of the Plan MOVEA is that to qualify for certain aid it is not necessary to achatarrar an old vehicle. Category M1 passenger cars and N1 light vans and light trucks do not require the delivery of a vehicle of similar characteristics to achatarrar, but in the case of doing so (more than 7 years of age), aid to any of the categories increase to 750 euros.

Source – Official Bulletin of the State

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