Plan week-end: X-edition Supercars Cantabria

Evento Superdeportivos Cantabria

To all of us who love cars, and more than a passion what we have been practically like a style of life, we like supercars. Authentic works of engineering can make to turn your neck far beyond what we thought possible. If this weekend you’re zone of the bay of Biscay and you like the car you will see a large number of high-end cars there.

Supercars Cantabria celebrates from today until Sunday X edit. From this Thursday Santander and its surroundings enjoy more of 125 supercars of 23 marks different burning gasoline. Just to mention some numbers, the concentration will attend 28 models of Ferrari, 22 Porsche, 15 Chevrolet Corvette, 7, Aston Martin’s and 2 McLaren. In addition, there will also be more of a classic spectacular, being able to cite Renault 5 Maxi Turbo, a De Tomaso Pantera GT5-S or a Ferrari 512 BB.

Today, Thursday 18, participants will gather at 14 hours in the Couple of The Flames, that will be the base of all the delegation. The meal will take place in the Restaurant VORS, while the dinner will take place in Hotel Santemar; if you want to have them “monitored” to see them all together towards their destination.

Evento Superdeportivos Cantabria

Friday will be a route from Santander to Santillana del Mar, where you will visit the Caves of Altamira. Registered participants will eat in the parador and, subsequently, reemprenderán-the-fly by the always spectacular scenery and the nice roads that border the bay of Biscay. The evening dine in the Palace of the Magdalena.

The big day will be the Saturday 20. The participants will make a grand parade through the streets of the city of Santander. Is expected to be the day with more attendance, both participants and the public to enjoy the more than 125 supersports. The Sunday enrollees will no longer parked their supercars to enjoy a journey by boat to the bay of Santoña. After eating, the event will end and participants leave the city of Santander.

A pity that you don’t make events of this type more commonly and for various areas of our country.