Playing the dismissal: thus we “tricks” BMW camouflage their prototypes (video)

all know what to do when you want to surprise someone and, of course, you do not want to know. The first is to avoid telling those who can not keep a secret. Second, acting with stealth, keep the person learns to surprise and coordinate logistics creating Facebook groups and Whatsapp, private, which the coordinators are surprise. The development of a car is much like organizing a surprise party. Except that surprise it is addressed to the whole world, and that its set-up is necessary not only to roll surprise in private circuits, away from prying eyes, but also on public roads. Imagine that for your surprise party has chosen a piñata, a clown and fifty helium balloons, and you have to take them for months ahead of the person you want to surprise . What would you do? Manufacturers are clear, hide his surprise with lots of parapets .

Imagine that you are organizing a surprise party, and you have to walk the piñata, helium balloons and a clown in front of the person you want to surprise. That is precisely the problem that manufacturers face with their camouflage.

The idea behind this is to camouflage cover the body, and the interior, so that anyone who crosses the car does not see anything you do not want to show him . Sometimes it is very complicated. If you do not want the competition, or the press, know that we are developing a sporty two-seater, hardly able to camouflage to look like a compact or a sedan. Sometimes even, the manufacturer plays cluelessness. Shows details that you want the media to disseminate, sometimes even officially published photographs of his mules camouflaged.

In any case throughout history we have seen cases of really curious camouflage . When Porsche was developing the Boxster, they chose the body of a 911 Targa (964) and the chassis mid-engine would use the Boxster, for anyone realizing surprise that hid inside (see history of the Porsche 986 [1.99902 million] A4 [1.99901 million] of our special Porsche Boxster Top Secret).

As we can see in the video above, the process begins unmarked car from a vector design application. Designers shape the appearance of a series of plastic parts that are responsible for adhering and screwing his body to hide the features, make an elongated round headlight look, or even makeup mirrors with reflectors. The dashboard is also covered with a protection which only reveal the instruments that testers need to drive.

Sometimes even the spectacular outdoor camouflage is not enough. For years it has imposed another fashion, coating the body mules testing with vinylated with a psychedelic plot, vivid colors and high contrast (black and white), which make it even more difficult to recognize the actual lines of the car, in a few months or a few years, we will see in showrooms.

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