PlayStation and Abarth offer the possibility of making the leap to real racing

PlayStation y Abarth

PlayStation and Abarth offer you the possibility to compete in a DiRT Rally to make the jump to real racing.

have you ever dreamed of making the leap from the competition virtual (electronic sports) to the real? This is not the first time that some companies have put in place an initiative of this nature, however, it is always funny to see companies dedicated to the automobile sector, give a chance to professional players of video games to prove if it is possible to leave aside the “gamepad” and show your skill in a real environment. Well, with PlayStation and Abarth we will have a new opportunity thanks to the creation of #AbarthRally.

it Is a championship in which the best pilots virtual DiRT Rally and PlayStation VR will be able to test their skill to win the title and one of the biggest prizes put on the table, beginning his career as a professional pilot in the world of the rallies and the high competition thanks to the mark of the scorpion. The #AbarthRally will consist of a competition with a virtual League Official PlayStation as well as different events.

In each of these championships, which will travel for a total of five tests of the Championship of Spain of Rallies of Asphalt, participants will be able to compete and win a seat to the grand final which will be held in Madrid at the end of the season of rallies. The combination of realism and gameplay experience that it offers DiRT Rally (see analysis of DiRT Rally for Xbox One) with the combination of PlayStation VR will allow players to enjoy some sensations very similar to those of a professional pilot.

So was the presentation Abarth Rally 2017 during the ClassicAuto Madrid.

In parallel to all the appointments for face-to-face, there will also be a tournament format online the next month of April. All players interested in participating will be able to register. The five best riders will get a direct pass to the final to be held in Madrid and where they will have to face the winners of each of the “stops” face-to-face will host #AbarthRally.

┬┐The prize? The ten aspiring professional pilot who will compete in the grand final of the event will to be done with a longed-for prize: two seats to compete at the wheel of an Abarth 500 R3T during the first tests of the championship of Spain of Rallies 2018. Between these two riders, Abarth will elect one of them to give another prize even bigger for the next season.