Pocket rockets: 109 HP for the aggressive smart fortwo and forfour BRABUS

After presenting us the smart fortwo tailor made by BRABUS, smart presents the versions that really deserve the last name BRABUS, based on the agile urban smart fortwo and smart forfour. The main weapon of these smart fortwo BRABUS and the smart forfour BRABUS is an evolution of the engine of 0.9 liters and three cylinders, which reaches to the 109 BHP of power, ensuring a performance which is more than hot. In addition, you have an aesthetic that differentiates them from the rest of smart. A single proposal, only rivaled – bridging differences – for the Abarth 500.

A mechanical spicy 109 HP for the smart BRABUS

versions BRABUS are available in body fortwo, forfour and fortwo cabrio.

Located on the rear axle find the well-known three-cylinder engine of origin Renault that moves the fortwo and forfour are more powerful. It is a 0.9 liters supercharged by turbo, which has received a hefty power increase. Now he comes to 109 HP, developed at 5.750 rpm. Most noteworthy is the engine torque, which increases from 135 Nm to a respectable 170 Nm available at just 2,000 rpm. This power increase is courtesy of a new intake, new fuel supply and an electronic retouched.

smart-fortwo-forfour-brabus-2016-25In the beginning, the versions BRABUS is only associated to the gearbox twinamic dual-clutch, and six relationships – in the press release there is no reference to gearboxes manual of time. The acceleration to 100 km/h happens in 9.5 seconds in the smart fortwo, and at 10.5 seconds in the smart forfour. In addition to the increase in power is possible thanks to developments shorter in the gearbox and a function called Race Start, a launch control is designed for maximum acceleration.

All the smart BRABUS mounted series 17-inch wheels, wrapped in tyres of court sports.

All the smart BRABUS carry a new sports exhaust system, with two central tails that should make a sound interesting. The undercarriage has been modified on several fronts. In the first place, experience a new power steering: more direct, with variable assistance according to speed and with more feedback to the driver. BRABUS Performance sports suspension is the name of a sport suspension, up to 20% stronger and with new stabilizer bars on the front axle.

smart-fortwo-forfour-brabus-2016-11The rear tyres grow up to the measure 205/40 R17, mounted on a set of new sport tires, 17-inch, that feeling of wonder to the urban German. All the smart BRABUS bearing of series a bodystyling sport – with new bumpers and a small spoiler – and panoramic roof in addition to package Cool & Audio and the proximity alert to the vehicle front. If you want a more customization and a smart BRABUS with all of the law, you’re almost forced to choose the finish BRABUS Xclusive.

You’ll be able to access the sports seats BRABUS – wrapped in leather or Alcantara – and a dashboard covered in synthetic leather. The instrumentation is also new invoice and the trainer distributes a few emblems additional passengers in the cabin.

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