Podium for Audi at Brands Hatch, Banks repeat podium


The perfect weekend for Audi Sport in the appointment of the Sprint Cup at Brands Hatch has been finished with the victory of the Audi #17 Stuart Leonard and Frederic Vervisch in the second race of the event. A triumph that has only been the first point of the huge success enjoyed by the brand from Ingolstadt, the entire time that their cars have taken over the podium positions. The Audi #1, Alex Banks and Christopher Mies has returned to finish second, as in the first race, while the Audi #66 of Steijn Schothorst and Kevin Van der Linde have finished in the third position. With this result, Banks and Harvest are leaders of the ranking absolute of the Blanpcain.

Frédéric Vervisch was good the pole position for the Audi #17 after retaining the first position in the output before a Raffaele Marciello who was too ambitious with the Mercedes #88. As a result, the pilot of AKKA-ASP stepped on the gravel at turn 1, losing the second position in favor of the Audi #1 driven at the start of the race, Christopher Mies. Also took advantage of this circumstance, the Audi #66, so that Kevin Van der Linde was third ahead of Marciello and the Lamborghini #63 of Mirko Bortolotti, spectator luxury of these changes of position without being able to do anything to cash in on these.

The race would not have been more story to the step-by-pit, were it not for the accidents that took place in the first round. However, Lamborghini #19 Andrea Caldarelli ended up in the gravel after receiving the blow of another car, while the Bentley #32 had a spinning top for a touch, by dragging on their way to the barriers at the Bentley #31, unfortunately for Team Parker Racing, owner of both. In their attempt to avoid the impact against both, Alexey Korneev went to the grass with the Mercedes #35. The Safety Car protagonizaba the next 10 minutes of the race as the only point of interest until the equator of the same.


Although the pit stops left no change, if you offered some images a bit curious. In fact, the Audi #1 had a bad stop, although Alex Banks managed to maintain the second position behind the Audi #17. A lap later Albert Costa went to the garage to give it over to Christian Klien, the driver who picked up the Lexus #14 in eighth position and that the dessert was sanctioned with a Drive Through for causing a collision with a rival, finishing at the bottom of the pack. All in all, Rafaelle Marciello was the one that was the drama after the impact of a very soft cons the barriers when entering the pitlane.

With all back on track and in identical order among the first five, the only duel that occurred on the track was the battle between the Audi #26 and the Mercedes #87 for the sixth place, battle I fall on the side of Nico Jamin. A single advancement that served as the perfect finale to a career that in the final there were some changes of position, but not by fighting on the track, but by the aforementioned Drive Through that met Christian Klien with the Lexus #14. In fact, this sanction allowed your car brother, #114 from Norbert Siedler, could climb up to the tenth position.

The chequered flag confirmed the victory of the Audi #17 with Stuart Leonard at the wheel, which makes the british leader was in charge of the Sprint Cup. In the same way, the second place in the Audi #1 of Riversides and Harvest leaves both of you as leaders absolutes of the Blancpain GT Series after his victory in the 3 Hours of Monza. Closed the podium of the Audi #66, leaving behind the Mercedes #88 of Meadows and Marciello, as well as the Lamborghini #63 of Engelhart and Bortolotti. With his eighth place, the top #90 of Nico Bastian and Jack Manchester has scored the win in the Silver Cup.

Race 2 Blancpain Sprint Cup 2018 Brands Hatch

Pos. Pilots Car Time
1 Leonard / Vervisch Audi R8 LMS Team WRT 39 Turns
2nd Banks / Harvest Audi R8 LMS Team WRT +0.586
3rd Schothorst / Van der Linde Audi R8 LMS Attempto Racing +1.280
4th Meadows / Marciello Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP +12.646
5th Engelhart / Bortolotti Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser +12.882
6th Jamin / Serralles Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP +14.739
7th Hezemans / Perera Lamborghini Huracán GT3 GRT Grasser +35.731
8th Bastian / Manchester Mercedes-AMG GT3 AKKA-ASP +35.853
9th Gachet / Haase Audi R8 LMS Saintéloc Racing +37.286
10th Siedler / Ortelli Lexus RC F GT3 Emil Frey Racing +38.117