Pokémon GO can help to sell cars


The Toyota dealer Steet Car was marked as Pokéstop without their leaders had done nothing

On previous occasions we have referred to the Pokémon GO, although it is not an issue strictly related to the automobile, for their negative influence on road safety. The purpose of hunt for the virtual creatures -Pokémon – driving a vehicle or walking without paying attention to the environment can be very dangerous. Yes, the video game may have applications much more practical, also in the real world.

To the end of July, a dealer in Amarillo, Texas (USA) put into practice a technique unpublished to attract customers to your campa hire, and on Sunday. It turns out that at the time that the video game was available, the dealer had been marked as a Pokéstop, a place where players can go to pick up some virtual objects, like balls to capture Pokémon. Devised an event to atrar Pokémons and hunters of these.

The promotion cost a ridiculous sum

spent 25 dollars on promoting the event in social networks Facebook and Instagram, and other $ 20 within the application to buy bait virtual Pokémons. Both baits, the creatures and the players, gave a result, attracting half a hundred people to a car dealership in the middle of summer (it is not the most gentle in that area of the country) and in a non-business day.


A couple of clients stands next to the claim of the award, a replica of a horse

The “meetup” virtual”, which led to “meetup” physical, had an optimal outcome from a commercial point of view. Although on a Sunday it is not possible to do business because of legal restrictions, yes it managed to attract people to the dealership on a normal schedule. Three cars used in the campa were sold as a result of these visits: a 2012 Chrysler Town & Country (in Spain Grand Voyager), a 2010 Ford Escape and a 2011 Ford Escape.

Encouraged by this success, we will repeat the experience next week

One of the salesmen of the dealership, while speaking with the parents of a family to close a deal of sale, invested a token sum of money to buy bait for Pokémon and keep distracted children. The app is completely free, but as often happen in games free-to-play, there is additional functionality by paying with virtual money or real money.

This dealer has had the luck of being marked as Pokéstop in the virtual world. One of the managers of the company behind that dealer, Street Auto Group, is interested in that another of its facilities to be marked as such. Later, companies may have to invest to be points of reference in the game, and that way attract more buyers. Is a business in which everyone wins, especially the creators of the game.


Pokémon GO is the phenomenon of technological and social of the summer, there is no precedent

At present, the dealerships dedicated to the sale of cars have an obvious problem of visibility. Due to new technologies, customers not spend as in years gone by the exhibitions. The majority of the buying process is done Online, and the buyers usually come to exhibitions with the homework done in house. By using techniques such as this it is possible to attract customers that otherwise would never have gone to visit them.

To the Toyota dealer protagonist of this story, has been a
success: three cars sold (in hundreds of dollars of profit) to
change of a symbolic investment, $ 45. As always, all
technology has its good things and its bad things. Pokémon GO is not
an exception.

The three customers who bought cars because of the “meetup” Pokémon had never passed by there

The augmented reality application is a global phenomenon, with little more than a month of life, which has lifted millions of people out to the street in search of these virtual creatures. In fact, there have been cases of thieves who have used baits to the Pokémon and have managed to attract “customers” for their abject business. Is a double-edged sword.

it Is the more sophisticated way of marketing guerrillas, we have had news, but it is not the only one. In fact, in Spain we have a history.


The Pokémon can be literally anywhere, but there are mechanisms in the game to attract them to specific places, buying baits

As the dealers are not open all day or the best hours to bring in customers that working, the trick is to gain visibility in places where they will go. What better place than a shopping center, with a lot more freedom of time, and in a few large department stores of electronics? That is what made Media Markt with Fiat and Kia.

On the outside of the facilities were cars as bait for the customers

Without any commitment of purchase within the facility, only to enter and pick up a voucher, customers were entitled to a hefty discount on the purchase of a new car. There was not cheating, no cardboard. Were versions of equipment closed and you could only choose color, but we managed traffic, exposure and most importantly, sales.

Pokémon GO also has the ability of attracting people to an industrial estate full of car dealers -tend to be grouped in specific areas – in a working day, and with a far smaller investment. In the future we will see more examples of the fusion between the real world and the virtual, through applications of augmented reality. The next to give with the key to success, as it has done Nintendo, you will get tired of winning money.