Pokémon GO: first traffic accident recorded


The launch of Pokémon GO caused a sensation in the entire world… and the first accident recorded

The last revolution of Nintendo in the world of video games is the Pokémon GO. The classic game comes to mobile with a fun proposal of immersion on the basis of the augmented reality, however, human ingenuity becomes bet tricks. The unfortunate use of the video game while driving has already recorded its first traffic accident. No serious injuries or involve other users of the road by luck.

The technology badly used, we can have serious problems, but tell that to Elon Musk and all the headlines that dominate the media because of a bad use of his controversial Autopilot. Now Nintendo is in addition to the surrealist publications with the first case of traffic accident by the fault of the Pokémon GO, and don’t be surprised both because for sure we’ll see more news of these.

With security not playing

it Turns out that a guy from Auburn, New York (USA), he came up with the brilliant idea of to play the video game while driving. Your adventure Pokémon was interrupted as the distraction went off the road and ended up crashing against a tree. The boy 28 years, who oddly enough grew up with the series and the video games of this franchise so we’ll find many players nostalgic of that age, was not seriously injured as a result of the accident and by luck did not involve other road users as cars or pedestrians.


this was the vehicle after the accident

For us to make an idea, the game makes use of the GPS, camera and other elements of the smartphones to see Pokémons on the street through augmented reality, allowing us to capture Pokémon in real life. These are found in the middle of the street but you have to find them. The protagonist of our story would come to play with your car or simply took advantage of a transfer to see if I could capture any Pokémon by the way.

The funny thing is that the police force of Auburn have been forced to give some tips for that does not produce incidents such as these at the time of playing the video game. Tips as simple as that do not play while driving, do not pave private property and not set the look both on the screen and be aware of our surroundings and be aware of potential hazards such as crossing a traffic light.