Polestar adds an extra wasabi-mail to the Volvo XC90

Polestar will soon start to produce versions of the high-performance models like the Volvo XC90. After its acquisition by Volvo, your idea is to equate the Polestar at the level of AMG or Motorsport for Mercedes and BMW, respectively. The first steps of Polestar in this new stage are an electrical contact with the current range of Volvo, a foreplay with models like the XC90. For the great SUV scandinavian has developed a series of best performance, which centered on retouching-mail exchanges.

These modifications add a bit of spice to the XC90 – based electronics.

this Is the first time for Polestar, and it really is the first time that a trainer puts hand in the engines Drive-E four-cylinder engine developed by Volvo, just a year ago. The program is called Polestar Performance Optimisation and is focused for the moment on the diesel and petrol engines, not hybrid version of the XC90. The improvements have been developed by the engineers at Polestar, many of whom also work in the racing division – official team Volvo STCC – from the Swedish company.

Polestar has worked especially in to improve the middle area of the cuentavueltas in the engines D5 and T6, diesel and gasoline, respectively. They have also worked on improving the immediacy of the response of the controls, ensuring that the box changes to keep the relationship engaged in curves or in sporty driving. Finally, have added a small extra power and torque these two impellers by using the retouch-mail addresses of your pbx. For the time being, only be available to british consumers.

The engine turbodiesel D5 passes from the 225 HP and 470 Nm of torque to some interesting 233 HP and 500 Nm of torque. For his part, the T6 gasoline passes of 320 HP and 400 Nm of torque to offer 334 HP and 440 Nm of maximum torque. Although it is not a gain spectacular, it is assumed that it has gained much response in the media, and the feeling sports has increased considerably. These modifications cost 835 pounds in Uk and have the official warranty from Volvo, to be part of the catalog of the Swedish brand.

Soon other models and other markets will begin to enjoy these improvements, so it will be a matter of time that they arrive to Spain.

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