Polestar could be plotting a coupe of high performance

once you have confirmed the situation of Polestar in the world of Volvo, the time comes to talk about models and upcoming releases. A couple of weeks ago the trainer presented its strategic plan for the future and in it we were able to discover that the internal combustion engines, and especially diesel, are expected to play a secondary role in the plans of the firm. The line on which work will be the hybridization and electrification of its models, just what the market demands premium and where its main rivals have not yet very developed.

Polestar has a objective; beat the signatures of the high-performance Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. For this reason, it is already concocting lies what will be the first model released to the market. Volvo takes several years, without counting in its portfolio of models with a body of court coupe, and it is there where Polestar wants to get their hands. This information resonates more and more, as the Swedish company now has the financial muscle and technological enough to make this project a reality.

According to rumors, the design of this coupé prepared by Polestar drink out of the model that Volvo introduced in the year 2013. The Volvo Coupé Concept we are excited with the replacement for the C70, but in those moments the Swedish house didn’t have the potential that you have now. To materialise this model, the coach would use the same platform that has seen the birth of the S90 and XC90. The best part of it is that its range mechanics was not satisfied with the more modest that takes the saloon has large Volvo.

The Swedish house has the commercial designation T8 your step of maximum power, but Polestar could overtake you. There is talk that this new coupe electric could be hovering around the 600 bhp of power. To be certain this information, Polestar would give Volvo a rival too powerful for the next BMW M8, which will be the model most coveted within the sphere premium.

True or not, this information, as it is speculated that there will be a breakthrough in the next Frankfurt motor show is it true? Time will tell very soon.

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