Polestar Cyan Racing test the Volvo S60 in Knutstorp


The WTCC begins to awaken after a long winter and although the various teams have been building up miles in various test in Europe, we can say that now begins the more intense phase of the preseason. The clearest example of this is the shakedown completed by Polestar Cyan Racing with the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1, vehicle with which the computer enters in the World of Cars this year. And we talk about shakedown, and not a test in the end all of the word because the computer thinks that the tests performed in Knutstorp (Sweden) are no more than a preparation for the next week.

And is that the World’s passenger Cars will have a test in the next few days in Italy, particularly between days 2 and 3 march in the track of Vallelunga, the common scenario of the test of the category, especially in the case of Honda. This test is a joint will to see at what point it is the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 in relation to its rivals. In any case, these days of private test have been completed with satisfaction for Polestar as the team has put on the track the two units of the Volvo S60 without major incidents.

Both Fredrik Ekblom as Thed Björk have completed a good number of miles in Knutstorp in this shakedown. Thed Björk was very satisfied: “It’s an incredible feeling to ride the first few miles of a new car. The commitment and energy of the team is contagious. This is the real start of our project with the goal of winning the World Championship.” In this line, your companion Fredrik Ekblom wrote: The car ran well and I am very pleased to have executed this prueab without problems, which allows us to focus on the work of the next week”.