Polestar presents its optimization for Volvo engines D4 and T5

Prueba Volvo S60 D4As you already know, Polestar is working with range mechanical Volvo to search for the most sporty of some of the alternatives that make up this list. This information we had a few months ago, news that came to tell us that the customers could enjoy driving more dynamic and demanding thanks to the update of sections such as the response to the accelerator pedal or the gearbox. Well, the same division announces its optimization for options D4 and T5 latest generation of Drive-E.

This series of improvements will be available for the models V40, V40 Cross Country, S60, V60 and XC60. Your behavior with this series of updates will become more athletic since the optimization alters sections as important a vehicle as the response to the accelerator, the precision of the gearbox, the precision in the gear change in addition to improve the performance offered by each mechanical standard. With this, the driver will find a car more alive and in general terms more energetic.

prueba-volvo-s60-d4-181cv-1According to Polestar, the objective of this optimization is to make the driving experience more dynamic and responsive. what was learned in the racing world has been put at the service of the cars of street, thus trying to move the requirements of the competition to the models of Volvo. And is that these improvements take into account a driving daily to the time available to the driver the capabilities of a mechanical of higher performance.

options D4 and T5 of the new generation of Volvo engines Drive-E improve its performance both in the section of power as in the torque and therefore acceleration. The first of them, the T5, pass on develop 245 horsepower to declare 253 HP, and 350 Nm of torque 400 Nm. In the acceleration test of 0-100 km/h win by 0.1 seconds, getting it in 6,2 seconds.

Also the D4 succeeded in improving the figures. Your power of 190 horses designated series rises until the 200 HP, coming from the same way to 440 Nm of torque. The numbers in terms of acceleration 0-100 km/h improves by 0.1 seconds, as was the case with the T5, in meeting with a time of 7.5 seconds. These modifications do not alter the fuel consumption and emissions, keeping both sections are exactly the same.

Source – Volvo

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