Polestar will be a separate brand of Volvo, focused on electric sports

Polestar stands out from Volvo and from now on will electric cars of high performance. Volvo will continue to sell models of high performance, who will carry the seal Polestar Engineered.

Polestar managed to win prestige as the maximum exponent in sportsmanship taking as a base the models of Volvo. But apparently plans for Volvo with Polestar after acquiring it two years ago, were more ambitious than we imagined, since now the division Polestar is independizar√° fully Volvo, to open the path as a new brand specialized in cars – electric high-performance.

of course, in terms of engineering, both brands will continue to share its technology, so that Volvo will continue to offer versions performance of their models, now with the seal Polestar Engineered.

By the time the new brand has not given more details about how will be the future of Polestar, but the firm expect the novelties that will arrive in the fall. What we do know is that it will be specialized in electric high-performance and the company will be headed by former Volvo’s Thomas Ingenlath.

although it is still too soon to know which will be its first models, the first information suggest that Polestar is will transform into a direct rival of Tesla.