[Poll] what Is Rosberg deserved champion? What played dirty Hamilton in Abu Dhabi?


The analysis of the seasonal offers are often different points of view about a fact and, this year, there are many who argue that Lewis Hamilton deserved the championship and only mechanical problems prevented him from achieving this. For others, Nico Rosberg is the well deserved champion because it has been more regular and, quite simply, has achieved more points.

In Engine.is we try to offer all points of view through a large group of writers who opine on this and other issues of today: the performance of Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi, career in which he tried to his already ex-partner and rival to lose the podium slowing down the pace for that Red Bull and Ferrari not to lose contact with the German and tried to overtake him, disobeying in addition to the orders of his team not to do so.

Adrian Fernandez

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

You can argue over whether Nico Rosberg has been the better driver of the season, but his merits as a champion are more difficult to rebut. throughout history, the champions of Formula 1 have been due to combine a complicated mix of opportunity (having the right coach at the right time), luck (those four inches that separate you from a wall or an accident) and its own merits, , and Rosberg has been able to put it all together. The opportunity has come in the was turbo 2.0, but the luck abandoned him in 2014 in the grill of Singapore, and his own performance left him on the sidelines last year.

Not only started 2016 with authority, but she was able to recover from a bad streak of results and the loss of the leadership. None of this would have served not to have had luck on their side, as had Hamilton two years ago, and the mechanical problems of the british were the keys. Even with this, Rosberg still had to finish the job, and his last five races were a clinic of how to win a World: got the triumph that I needed to the first, in Suzuka, and finished the next four races in second place, with military precision in classification and career, displaying the three virtues of a champion: chance (beat Ricciardo in Austin for strategy thank you to your better car), luck (the horrendous strategy of Red Bull with Verstappen in Interlagos) and its own merits, risking to the maximum to pass Verstappen at Yas Marina.

Not having done so would have exposed Vettel at the end of the race, the fourth and the humiliating defeat, but Rosberg ran when he had to, and showed that their makes of champion, polished to a very low heat, you were there. It was precisely the advantageous situation of Rosberg what he saw to be wrapped in that frame of mind limit, a predicament that a Hamilton with no options we took.

do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was adequate?

The british might have been resigned to defeat, throwing like a man possessed ahead and expect a miracle in the form of breakage of a Rosberg that would have gone to 60%, but decided to search for the tetracampeonato. And given that your first option, a way out of horrific Rosberg, jumped out the window as soon as the German engaged a third, ran out of the second until the end.

it Was a strategy that, in a conventional circuit, only a Mercedes can carry out a strategy, within the law, and a logical approach to the situation. The race was the least of it, and Hamilton was willing to go even above the wishes of his team by adding a stamp over a book full of them. That’s why to me it is impossible to consider his actions as something dirty. Exhaust all of the options of winning is in the DNA of a pilot, and if that option is legal, moral considerations should be excluded. The good forms, for the press room.

Carlos Flores

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

of course. Has gained more points than anyone else in the longest season in the history of Formula 1. He has won nine major awards. True, one less than Lewis Hamilton. But eight more than he needed his father in 1982. And, since in the Grand Prix of the united States of 2015 is to stop swiping the victory, and with it the title, by Hamilton, noted the triumph in 12 of the 25 races. Not bad for a second pilot who has had to deal with the psychological pressure of fighting day-to-day with a partner universally regarded as superior.

That day in Austin was a turning point that Nico has managed to recover with note. It is true that Hamilton was hampered in the championship that just ended for a worse reliability, but Rosberg has not been the first driver to benefit from problems from a opponent to clinch the title. And it will not be the last.

Nico has maximized his opportunities and, by the way, has offered performances worthy of a true champion. The most prominent, in my opinion, your pass to Max Verstappen in Abu Dhabi, in the which brought to light that point of courage, daring, and -if you want – recklessness that should not be missed in the background of every great pilot.

do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was adequate?

Three world titles adorn the achievements of Lewis Hamilton. All of them, made in a fair fight. It is more than likely that the future would have reserved any more. Whatever happens, I think that, in their internal forum, the british will be happy to not have gotten the fourth in the last Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi an act against nature.

Nothing in the regulation prevents a pilot to win a race to the lowest possible speed. But it seems to me sad that one of the biggest talents in the history of Formula 1 is degraded to that level as a last resort to achieve his goal. As a pilot, Lewis feels superior to his companion, the only one that can be measured in equal. From Malaysia, was aware that his fourth title was a utopia. Things you have the best car of the grill: comes well to accumulate successes, but not so much when what you want is that other cars inmiscuyan in the battle.

His feeling of frustration was understandable. But lifting the foot on purpose to get you in trouble to your opponent, to go against the natural instinct to be as fast as possible (which Hamilton has given ample samples of owning), it should not be the way of a true champion. Lewis has ahead many years to celebrate more titles on that no one-not even he himself – has anything to reproach.


David Plaza

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

Clearly, they do not. It is true that Nico is a worthy Champion of the World and also has merits enough to get it, but I think that the best driver of the season has been Lewis Hamilton.

The uk has had three Major Awards bad: the of Europe with the accident in qualifying, the Singapore in which Rosberg dominated without opposition and that of Japan in that Hamilton did not know how to recover from the moral blow of leaving in Malaysia when he was a leader. And was that broken engine which was performed to the perfection that Lewis has struggled this year against the elements, and against his team-mate.

Nico also made mistakes (Spain -although in this I am aware that few people think the same way-, Austria, Germany) and suffered the end of a week of absolute mastery on the part of his companion. to Be a champion helps to highlight achievements, but should not make us forget the times less bright. And, on the whole, it seems clear to me that the reliability has harmed significantly to the runner-up in at least four Major Awards. A champion that has not been more consistent than his rival in terms of performance. What worthy champion Nico? Of course (the maneuver on Verstappen at Yas Marina is a good example of this). What the best of the year? For me, no.

do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was adequate?

Since then, I have very clear that it is not reprehensible at all. Hamilton exercised his legitimate right to print the pace that seemed appropriate, as we have been doing in the Monaco Grand Prix from years ago for strategic issues. Lewis did not block, did not do dangerous moves, nor adopted a speed abnormally reduced, simply acquired a pace that would allow Ferrari and Red Bull does not lose contact with Nico Rosberg. Point. And, let’s not forget, in an F1 in which this alleged unwritten rule of go as fast as possible takes decades incumpliéndose by the requirements of consumption, degradation of tires, or, simply, strategy.

Another issue is what is appropriate or not to disobey orders that he gives his team. I have always been clear that in a team sport, as is the Formula 1 (yes, only one driver per car, but hundreds, if not thousands, of people who make it possible), it is the team who has the last word. It is the only thing that I see that is objectionable in this case but, as is logical, to judge the gravity of the situation and act accordingly corresponds to Mercedes.


David Sánchez de Castro

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

The numbers and what they say. Rosberg has been the one that has failed, and the one that has best known how to manage the lead (but then lost it in summer) from the beginning of the season. , The problems to adapt to the new clutch system have been hit hard by Hamilton, and when he wanted to react, he already had his mate in front and with the command of the championship. In addition, in the psychological battle, Rosberg has been able to maintain the calm, and Hamilton has finished unhinged: from what to put as an excuse the change of mechanical (something that, without doubt, has affected, but not in the degree that it believes the british), to accuse his team explicitly or implicitly of damaging him in several races.

¿do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was appropriate?

Without a doubt. Hamilton was left with no more options to fight for the World and did nothing even remotely illegal, such as a change of trajectory in the braking or similar. In normal situations, the leader of the race he wants to win as soon as possible, but this was not a race to use. The british played their cards, but Rosberg knew how to hold back and hold on to Vettel and Verstappen. It was quite a fight clean, in spite of the messages of Mercedes and the pressure exerted on Hamilton, so that should speed up the pace in the final straight of the test.

Fernando Sancho

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

It’s easy to turn to the numbers -very smooth by the way – to say that Rosberg is a deserved World Champion of the season 2016 Formula 1. However, in an assessment as subjective as the performance needed to analyze many other aspects and feelings that both drivers have shown in track decanted the balance in favour of Lewis Hamilton. The great determination that has been shown to the british in certain phases of the season and some of his performances placed Lewis Hamilton by over Rosberg, despite losing the title.

all in all, Nico Rosberg has been more consistent and regular than that of its companion box. These two features, which can be forgotten in the errors that both pilots were in Spain and Austria, are no doubt that you have finished delivering the title to the German pilot. Therefore, Rosberg has not been better than Hamilton, but if more regular throughout the season in addition, Nico has taken advantage of each problem or failure of its rival. In this aspect, Rosberg has signed his best season in Formula 1 and Hamilton has been a step in this hue.

¿do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was adequate?

the end justifies The means and more so if these fall within the law. Lewis Hamilton in no time it crossed this barrier in Abu Dhabi and its slow pace during the entire race was only the direct consequence of the exploitation of the only option that I had to be able to come out as World Champion. Hamilton acted therefore in the correct way and it is more, any pilot with the ambition necessary to compete in Formula 1 would have acted like, as has been recognized by different companions of the grill in the days following the last Grand Prix of the season.

all in all, there is a nuance is very important is that Hamilton competes in the final instance to a computer, or better said, for a manufacturer. Hundreds of workers of Mercedes have put their sand granite to which the car of Mercedes is the best of the grill and that is what has allowed Hamilton and also Rosberg – to be able to fight for the title, without any rival external. In this aspect, the performance of Hamilton might be reprehensible at the internal level from the computer, but yet it is somehow what I had to do.


Sergio J. Cabrera

¿do you Think that Nico Rosberg has been better than Lewis Hamilton?

The victory of Nico Rosberg, this season will probably be tainted by the two championships above his team mate, Lewis Hamilton. For many, probably 2016 has been the season in which the errors and missteps of the british have allowed the German has been lifted with the final victory. Assertion that establishes even more parallels with the championship that he succeeded the father of Nico in 1982, when Keke Rosberg became champion after winning only one Grand Prize.

however the story is always dyed the color of the account. And like in 1982, the championship, Nico was not a mere accumulation of errors or technical problems of its rivals, but the result of a constant work, and above all, an effort measured and calculated with patience. That really began with the signing by the then new team Mercedes AMG in 2010.

while the arrival of Hamilton in 2013, undoubtedly one of the best of recent times, put in trouble the young German pilot, [19459005)thecourseofthelastfewseasonshasbeenthereflectionofconstantworkandstrengtheningbothphysicalandemotionalofaRosberghasgonefromlesstomoreallthetime. Contrary to the other pilots in your situation, read Eddie Irvine in 1999, has been known to be to the height and attack when needed. In addition, a claw that many others before you that had but not been able to take.

In sum, championship, well deserved for a modest Rosberg who has always been more than what seemed to the naked eye. Showing on the runway, and not in the media or social networks, must-have, and above all, to do, to be a World Champion of Formula 1.

¿do you Think that the performance of Hamilton in Abu Dhabi was adequate?

The last race is a good example of the capabilities of both pilots. On the one hand, Hamilton has been branded as a act of way bit clean, while others have called Rosberg to act with little caution in the closing stages of the Grand Prix.
What is certain is that judging from the sidelines is always more simple, despite having a broader perspective, but behind the wheel, in those moments, both pilots as they were only demonstrating to that paid to ride the best and most cost effective way possible.

If Hamilton would have worn other colors in his single-seater would have been surely branded as smart and a strategist, but have tried to slow down the race and complicársela to your own companion, has earned her to receive criticism for something as simple as a fight for the Championship until the last corner, precisely the only reason that has been hired.

There have been few occasions in the entire history of the specialty, which a team or a rider has tried to play with the pace of the peloton or to avoid by all means to be ahead of time, is the very essence of this sport.