Pollution in Madrid: On the Stage 2, which prohibits parking in the center

Madrid Zona 1 SER

Zone 1 is the one in which the restrictions are applied and where higher levels of contamination there is

Madrid is on alert for high levels of contamination and the situation will persist tomorrow, Friday, 13 November 2015. The city Hall of Madrid has decreed Stage 2 within the alerts for the pollution, that shall prohibit the parking of vehicles in parking areas regulated (BE) found within the ring of the M-30. This measure will be complementary to the speed reduction to 70km/h today has already been effective in the M-30 and access roads.

With this measure, the city Council aims to avoid car journeys to the centre of the city, which is where the more pollution there is. Between 6:00 am and 21:00 in the evening, it shall be prohibited to park in areas to BE, with the exception of residents, commercial, vehicles of people with reduced mobility, 0 emissions or taxis in service.

This measure has some important consequences. With the prohibition of parking the city Council seeks to reduce the car journeys of all those people who come to work or to run errands to the centre in their cars. This even affects partially the residents, may not park beyond their designated areas according to the corresponding permission of the BE. The parking meters will not be operating.

what if the situation worsens?

Humo cochesIf the measures of Scenario 2 seem drastic, the situation can get worse. If the NO2 levels continue to increase or are maintained, could enter into operation Scenario 3. In this case it would apply the two above measures, in addition to the prohibition to circulate in the interior of the M-30% to 50% of the vehicles depending on license plates. On even-numbered days will be able to move the vehicles with registration finished in even number and the odd-numbered the rest.

In Stage 3 are exempt vehicles public transport, school transport, commercial vehicles, mopeds, motorcycles, bicycles, vehicles that are 0 emissions, of people with reduced mobility and essential services. taxis without passengers will not be circular in search of customers unless they are of the category Ecotaxi or Eurotaxi.

over the Scenario 3 is the most serious situation of all, the Stage Alert. In this case, in addition to all the above measures, the reduction of 50% of the vehicles would also own the M-30.

Source – city Hall of Madrid

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