Porsche 911: 10 posters of the sixties that make us adore, even more, to the 911

Hold on to your chair, or sit down if you’re leyéndonos foot. The Porsche 911 is getting closer to getting to the unit number a million. Have already been produced more than 900,000 units of the icon, with the upper, the sporty flagship of Porsche. More than fifty years of uninterrupted production, of respect for a philosophy and a way of understanding the sportiness and luxury. An incredible story that we can understand, even better, doing an exercise in nostalgic review of those posters in the sixties, we showed the Porsche 911 with their finest.

Recall a detail. The Porsche 911 began production in September of 1964, and has been evolving, generation after generation, until our days. Today there are more than 30,000 units each year. To reach a production of 30,000 units, the Porsche 911 had to wait six years, until the 1970s.

The poster that illustrates this input we believe that it is very revealing to understand the legacy of the Porsche 911. In German reads a slogan that translated into English would be equivalent to “reliability in racing, street safety“.


But let’s go back further, to 1963. The Porsche 911 had just presented at the iaa in Frankfurt, but it was not yet known as such. Porsche developed its sports under the code name “901” and it came to manufacture 82 drives like a Porsche 901, until Peugeot lobbied to deter Porsche’s use of a trade name, with three numbers and a zero in the middle, who had already registered for their products. Porsche would have been able to choose the option to market their sport as a 901, except in France, where the legal issues would have to do it with another name. But finally we chose the name by which we know this sport now, the Porsche 911.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-10From the beginning, Porsche showed proud of the philosophy of the Porsche 911, the use of a rear-engine. Let us remember that shortly after, the Lamborghini Miura, and a new generation of sports with central engine, would show that the architecture of the central engine was perfect, probably the best for a good sports. Even so, Porsche has been followed respecting the later disposition of the engine, for practical reasons, and even historical, assuming the technological challenge of creating a sporty, that by all is recognized as one of the references in dynamism and agility, with a technical solution that, a priori, is not the most appropriate.

To understand where is located the engine of a Porsche 911 what better than this picture of 1963.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-05The Porsche 911 had been born with an international vocation. And since 1964 already was proud to be of service in different markets, including the united States. Today Porsche sells more than 225,000 cars in the world, but did you know that your most important market, with 58.009 units in 2015, is China?


targa in Italian is literally the plate. Porsche chose this name for the Porsche 911 Targa for two reasons, for the solution which they had designed to create convertibles safer, and for his success in a career is emblematic of the Targa Florio that passed for the roads to sicilian. See our test of the Porsche GTS in the Targa Florio.

But, without doubt, the Porsche 911 Targa would mark a before and an after. In a time in which the safety of the convertibles was in question, Porsche had designed a style of a convertible, with a removable roof, and a rigid bridge, offering the experience of driving descapotado without the dangers that are boasted in the convertibles of the time.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-06The slogan of the poster top reads “there is now a car that combines the freedom of a convertible with the security of a coupe”.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-08As we said at the beginning, Porsche has always made gala of the duality, between comfort and luxury, and sportiness and competition, the Porsche 911.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-03In this poster Monte-Carlo Rally of 1965 as we can realize the presence in the race of the Porsche 911, sharing track with the new Porsche 904 mid-engine.

porsche-911-historia-anos-60-carteles-01In 1966, the Porsche 911 would be european champion of mountain.


In this poster Monte-Carlo Rally of 1967 already we see the Porsche 911 on the podium, that encadenaría three consecutive victories in the subsequent years.

Source: Porsche
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