Porsche 911 2016: the impending facelift in 5 key

washing major face looming. The facelift of myth, Porsche 911 ahead. A restyle, a development that has already been seen on countless occasions camouflaged, parading through the different scenarios, but what is behind this makeover? You have, in a brief summary, all what can we expect from facelift Porsche 911 .

Small cosmetic changes:

is expected to aesthetic changes with this evolution of Porsche 911 are minimal, modest. Under the pictures of camouflaged models we can expect these changes focus on the optics, in the air intakes and a new arrangement of the rear bumper for the sake of a new exhaust system .

But … what about inside?

In its interior we would find a new inherited flywheel Porsche 918 Spyder . Moreover also we find ourselves with new generation of multimedia system, but more surprising coming, as we have from Auto Express, a hand driving mode selector would allow us choose from a series of programs about sports for the first time in this model driving.

The most important occur under his body: extend the turbo engines

Behind the cabin we find the 6-cylinder boxer , but rumors are already talking about a reduction of displacement. Currently the range is in the hands of a 6-cylinder 3.4-liter or 3.8 depending on the version or This engine would fall while the power increases thanks to the presence of the supercharging, turbocharging also provide better performance would leave us with a lower consumption.

But still, the GT3 shall continue to atmospheric

Today in the range of 911 are only overfed the Turbo versions, with this facelift overfeeding reach all versions, including models of access and GTS except for a small pocket of weather mechanics that would be in the hands of purists models, Porsche 911 GT3 and RS GT3 .

When this facelift know?

If the forecasts are met (very large should be the setback) the facelift Porsche 911 will debut publicly in the next Frankfurt in September.

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