Porsche 911 2018: 4 keys on the next (and hybrid) generation

we Just released a newly renovated Porsche 911 and we are already thinking about the next generation. In 2018 will be presented, provided that they meet the forecasts, a new 911 and we will bring to you some of the first clues of this next generation:

“An evolution, not a revolution”: will be developed on the current platform

The idea of evolution more than a revolution is always very present in each generation jump of the Porsche 911, and this next generation would not be less, in fact, it is expected that is developed on an evolution of the platform currently employed and as you can imagine will not be a substantial leap in terms of design.

his back will beat the current boxer 3 liters… but there will be hybrid versions:

Under the humped back of the new Porsche 911 will beat the already known thruster 6 cylinders and 3 liters of cubicaje supercharged by a system biturbo. This mechanic will evolved with respect to the current alternatives, which remember delivered a power of 370 horses in the Race and 420 horses in the Carrera S.

If with this generation, we have introduced the engines are supercharged, with the next, you’ll meet the first 911 hybrid. Porsche has already experimented with this technology, for displays we have here at the Porsche 918 Spyder, it now remains to see that it would be able to this mechanical hybrid in terms of performance, the autonomy and the weight added and how it is integrated into the range.


An interior more technology with a new instrumentation

is A novelty in its interior? Under a design language even to the present, we would find changes in instrumentation that we would introduce in higher technology immersion on designating a whole all-digital interface, we have from Coach. Let us recall that now we find ourselves with a good display in their instrumentation, then, in this new generation would be introduced a panel fully digital, something that we have already seen in the group of the hand of the Audi TT, the new Audi A4… but duly adapted to the traditional demands of 911.

Before the new generation will meet the Porsche 911 R:

To this current generation, the one in charge of introducing the mechanical supercharged in the range of “normal” 911, we will still have one last cartridge: a Porsche 911 R willing to make the delights of the most burned.

will Be presented presumably in the next Geneva, you will use a version decafeinated engine GT3, with a 450 horses and will have a manual gearbox in addition to weigh less than the above-mentioned GT3. Of course, there will be a tune-up, more sporty.