Porsche 911 2018: caught a prototype of the new generation in testing

To date there have been various occasions on which
our photographers have managed to hunt down different mules test next-generation Porsche 911.
But, since the last time that we published a few spy photos of one of these
mules, he has spent a considerable amount of time (this was in November), and the development does not
you stop even during the harsh european winter. It is for this reason that the engineers
Porsche have taken an important step forward for the project during these last two

Porsche 911 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy of the new generation of Porsche 911.

we bring You the that are our first spy photos of a prototype of the new Porsche 911 2018. The German brand leaves behind the mule-test and starts the test and testing with a series of prototypes. Yes, camouflaged. Porsche has moved its center of operations and development to Scandinavia where it is located next to many other brands by doing a test of winter with these early prototypes of the next 911.

in spite of all the camouflage that presents this Porsche 911 2018, there are some details that are detectable as the new rear spoiler that is much more wide that used by the current model or the brake light rear that is presented as a thin horizontal line that runs along the behind of side-to-side. On the other hand, the four exhaust outlets situated in groups of two come a little closer to the center.

If we leave aside the back and you look at the side of the Porsche 911 2018 that we have hunted, we realize that the mark of Stuttgart has tried to disguise the line of the windows, especially the more small that we find on both sides.

Porsche 911 2018 - foto espía posterior

Prototype of the new Porsche 911 completely camouflaged during a testing session of the winter.

If we finished our “tour” on the exterior of the new Porsche 911 on its front, gives us the feeling that the new bumper goes directly into the hood, although it is possible that it is an effect of the camouflage and that these photographs were taken in conditions of unfavorable light. And is that the little white line that you can see in the front is a simple detail added by the brand to misled.

At the mechanistic level, one of the main novelties with which you will land in dealerships the new Porsche 911 2018 is the hybrid variant plug-in, following the footsteps of the Panamera and Cayenne. The plans of Porsche to “electrify” their range on the right track. To do this we will add a selection of engines, conventional combustion but at the last development that will offer an excellent ratio between performance and consumption/emissions.

The new generation of the Porsche 911 will hit the market next year 2018. It is still too early to say when it will be presented, although I am sure that we will not see it until, like very soon, by the end of 2017. We will continue to follow its development.

Porsche 911 2018 - foto espía

The next generation of the Porsche 911 to debut a hybrid variant plug-in.