Porsche 911 2018: Your new rear spoiler stowable in detail


The prototypes seen in the two settings.

In our latest series of spy photos of the future Porsche 911 2018 we were able to discover some of the new features of the new generation, among which the most visible was the emergence of a new rear spoiler completely redesigned.

The last prototype hunted of the model 2018, as both a coupe and Cabriolet, there was less amount of camouflage, , leaving to the view the new mechanism, which is of a size considerably larger.

The totality of the images that our photographers managed to capture in that moment showed the new device in its open position, exposing their large size and shapes. But now, we have managed to become with some new photographs in the is a prototype with this item closed, allowing us to make a comparison between both units.


In detail, the wing open and closed.

As can be seen with the naked eye, the spoiler is formed really by the complete cover located on the optical rear. This has the forms of the body so that it appears curved. These forms are responsible for that some in the media have pointed to the classic Porsche 959 as a source of inspiration in the behind.

The spoiler seems to be of a single piece and occupies a large part of the width of the rear. In these images we can see that it has the same width of the visible line of the optics, although the lens keeps hidden from his end under the camo, so that are actually wider than the spoiler.

once lifted, the spoiler changes the slope of the cap, and by what we have seen in the different prototypes, the hunted, this angle of inclination is variable, since the drive of the 911 Cabriolet seems to have more raised that the prototype closed.


Prototype of the 911 Cabriolet.

The presentation of this new generation of the Porsche 911 is still a mystery. In theory, will hit the market next 2018, so that we might expect a presentation, as very soon, at the end of this year. At the end of the summer is celebrated on the Hall of Frankfurt, which is the appointment where they presented the facelift of the current 911 991.2.