Porsche 911 Cabriolet: The first prototypes of the new generation 992


The new 911 Cabriolet has also been able to be seen.

Yesterday we could study one of the first prototypes of the new generation of the Porsche 911. This had the alternative of bodywork coupe and we already showed some of the new aesthetic that characterize this new iteration nueveonce, whose development we have been able to see that it is very advanced.

On this occasion, and with only a few hours of difference, our photographers have managed to stumble into one of the test units of the version 911 Cabriolet, which has the same characteristics as the prototypes that we analyzed yesterday.

As is usual in the German mark, coupĂ© and cabriolet all share the same front without any change therefore, the differences we’ll find in the behind, in the reading of the fall of the roof and the continuation of their lines up to the bumper.


Shows the same changes that we find in the coupe version.

The canvas roof keeps the profile of the coupe, although the area between the closure of the roof and the rear spoiler is clearly modified by the absence of the hardtop. At the back we find lthe same thin line of LEDs that makes brake light and the new rear wing as well.

If we are to believe the latest reports, the new generation of the 911 , will only count with engines supercharged, including the version GT3. This last was the only one who had managed to get away with the recent facelift of the current generation, but when you get the next version, dispense with the maximum torque of the engine.

in Addition, the new generation will be the in charge of the brand new version plug-in hybrid in the range 911, as you already have the ranges Panamera and Cayenne. This new generation of the 911 will be available in 2018, although it is still too early to predict the date of filing.