Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight 1973: is the Porsche 911 the definitive?


Porsche 911 RS 2.7 Lightweight 1973.

One of the most curious which we’ll see in the auctions in Monterey this year will be this Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 Lightweight 1973, version lightened up in the iconic and highly coveted Carrera RS which had their own mechanical specifications, but with a body more slight. Manufactured in a short series of only 200 units, is therefore more unlikely still that the own-Race RS, and therefore, even more valuable.

If there is a version of the Porsche 911 adored by collectors, this is precisely the Carrera RS 2.7 original, nicknamed affectionately ‘duck tail’ for your particular rear spoiler vertical. This was the first version RS (Road) of the nueveonce and copies of this rare version, launched at the beginning of the seventies, have always been highly prized, although in the last five years their prices have experienced an explosion like no other in the market, by multiplying several times its value in a few years. At the end of the last decade a good copy of this version could be made for about $ 300,000, which was already quite more expensive than other classic versions of the model, however, to this day this value has been multiplied by three for the specimens in a better state.

This explosion took place between 2013 and 2014, reaching its peak in mid-2016, with values above $ 900,000. Since then, their prices have fallen only slightly, so that the best specimens are still very close to that figure. In the case of the rare versions Lightweight the evolution of their prices was parallel, but with values still higher. At the end of the last decade these exceeded handily the barrier of $ 400,000, but since 2014 its quotation took off up to the 1.45 million us $ in 2015. Today, these copies can continue reaching out to the 1.3 million.


it was Only manufactured 200 units.

The secret of the value of these units lies in their rarity, if the Carrera RS 2.7 Touring was manufactured less than 1,600 units, of the specifications Lightweight we can find only 200, so they are quite more difficult to find. In addition, these were intended to be competition, so that we can not only find us with the loss of a few units, but very few have managed to remain in its original state until the day of today, while retaining its mechanical and bodywork original intact.

The RS Lightweight had the same mechanics of the version Touring original, a flat-six naturally aspirated 2.7 liter, 212 HP (210 hp), but with a body made with steel thinner and crystals finer, so that saved about 100 pounds with respect to the already lightweight Carrera RS, which boasted a total weight of 1075 pounds.

The copy that will go on sale in August has a number of frame 9113600354 and was one of the first 500 Carrera RS manufactured. Initially delivered to a european customer, achieved a great track record in sport in Switzerland during his early years, and then end up landing in north America in 1993. To day of today, with several restoration works and a new engine block, as the original engine expired a long time ago. By the time the auction house has not revealed previous estimates of its value, but it surely will be above a million dollars.