Porsche 911 Carrera T, basic instinct


The basics don’t always have to be bad, the Race T shows

Since its birth, more than 50 years, the Porsche 911 has been the paradigm of pure sportiness. With the passing of years and generations, the essence is still alive although not as authentic. The Porsche 911 Carrera T comes to show that the cars of today are able to match in spirit to their predecessors, although to do this they have to lose.

Lose to win. That has been the philosophy of Porsche to develop the 911 Carrera T. The recipe is well known by all: increased power, weight loss, and sensations purists. Although we have only fulfilled two of the three ingredients, these have made the “nueveonce” current pass to be a supercar modern to a modern classic.

To do this the engineers have gotten rid of all the modernisms that adorn the cars of today. Starting with the infotainment system, which has been replaced by a black hole to leave the mobile, until the removal of the rear seats, the reduction of thickness of all glass surfaces. The result is just 20 kilograms less than overweight, so you can dial a weight in the scale of 1,425 pounds.

Porsche does not want to have anything that you did not have in the first generations of the 911, and that forces you to get rid of the leather seats, although not in its entirety as they have been combined with fabric. Nor look the multifunction steering wheel or the handles of the doors, although some have forgotten to remove the electrically adjustable seats and climate control. Nor is there any that drive you crazy.


In the interior has dispensed with almost all the modern technology

So inside we have sought for an atmosphere is half done, but on the outside are kept all the characteristics of a 911. It is the same image that we already knew, although that does not pass unnoticed have since, of course, the logo Carrera T in the back and in the basement of the doors. Only the eyes more trained will be able to distinguish this special version.

And, what else is special about the 911 Carrera T? Well, that has been created for more sensations, more than a 911 normal. And this in spite of mounting the same block six-cylinder boxer of 370 horses that we already knew. The difference is marked by a manual gearbox with a set of relations especially, and by a rear differential mechanical. Goodbye to the electronics.

Thanks to all the 911 T is a tenth of a second faster in the 0-100 kilometres per hour that the Race conventional. For those who think that the manual does not combine with your style, also will be available, gearbox PDK, and the rear seats and the PCM, but how to mount all that, if you get a normal Career?


the details make the difference

To the end of the day this Porsche is not intended for that type of clients that are looking for all-in his brand new 911, but is intended for those who want a 911 to dry, unadulterated, or as little adulterated as possible. For the moment is unknown the price of sales in Spain, but to give you an idea, the T is about 10,000 euros more expensive than a Porsche 911 Carrera. The value of the classic.